The Best Storage Auction Units – Understanding Hidden Treasures

When it comes to local storage auctions, what you see is not always what you get. Sometimes this works out for the better, such as when you inherit somebody’s “junk” only to find it’s full of precious heirlooms and valuable antiques that you turn around for serious cash. It can also turn the other way and end up in massive disappointment, such as when you big hard and fast for a big unit you see real potential in, only to find out later that the tools don’t work, the furniture is all busted up and none of the electronics will turn on.

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The Most Important Storage Auction Tool You Can Carry

As you become more and more acquainted with storage auctions and their procedures, you will start noticing certain patterns with the more and more auctions you attend. Certain familiar faces will keep turning up again and again; these are the dedicated auction hunters that make a good portion of their living doing it.

You will also start to watch these veterans and you’ll discover advanced tactics that they employ in order to give themselves a bit of an advantage over other bidders. There are a couple things, you will also begin to notice, that are okay to do when you’re attending a storage unit auction, and there are plenty of other things that are definitely not okay.

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What You See Is Not What You Get

One thing that takes many storage auction attendees a while to figure out is that, just as with books, people and cars, what you see isn’t always what you get. Our natural tendency is to assume that the biggest units mean the biggest profits – after all, wouldn’t you rather 300 square feet of stuff for your money rather than only 100 square feet? Maybe. But the fact of the matter is that, in the world of storage unit auctions, it’s not always the case that bigger is better.

In fact, nabbing that 10×30 unit for $300 more might have accomplished nothing more than saddling you with 300 square feet of worthless trash, dirty stinky clothes and a massive headache – now that you’re responsible to the storage facility to remove all of this garbage!

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