The Best Storage Auction Units – Understanding Hidden Treasures

When it comes to local storage auctions, what you see is not always what you get. Sometimes this works out for the better, such as when you inherit somebody’s “junk” only to find it’s full of precious heirlooms and valuable antiques that you turn around for serious cash. It can also turn the other way and end up in massive disappointment, such as when you big hard and fast for a big unit you see real potential in, only to find out later that the tools don’t work, the furniture is all busted up and none of the electronics will turn on.

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Scouting it Out

There’s a common mistake made by many new storage auctions attendees. It’s an easy mistake to make and completely understandable. New storage auction attendees show up with a wad of cash in their pocket and expect to strike it rich on their first go. Now, while this enthusiasm is great and while it’s a major part of what makes this industry so exciting, it’s also the best way to lose your money upfront without achieving any major return.

Scout it out first! That’s right. Show up to as many storage unit auctions as you can in the first couple of weeks so you can get a good solid feel for the operations and processes that you’ll encounter when it comes time to start bidding with your hard earned cash. For one thing, many people that are new to storage unit auctions underestimate exactly how frenzied and quick the entire auction process can be.

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