Top 6 iPhone Apps for When You’re Moving

There are dozens of ways that technology has made our lives easier. From navigating directions to pulling up a restaurant review, there are few areas of our lives that apps haven’t touched. And that goes for moving, too. Give these apps a try on your next big move.


The folks at Zillow know that you’re not just buying a home or renting an apartment, but that this is a special process, as you’re making a home where your life will happen. With the “Zillow” app, you can search through home and apartment listings near popular neighborhoods and top-ranked schools. You also can compare home values. The app is free and it’s specially designed for iPhone and iPad.

The apartment rental search app “” gives you insight into what’s on the market today. With the app, you can search through thousands of updated listings, from condos to townhomes to homes to apartments for rent. Narrow down your search results by drawing a specific target area to find listings in your favorite part of town.


Keep track of your notes and lists with the “Evernote” app. This app makes it easy to collect pieces of information that matter to you, making your move less stressful. With “Evernote,” you can clip web articles or home listings take a snapshot of your handwritten notes and keep the digital details of your move all in one place. “Evernote” is not just for people who are moving, you can continue to use the app in your everyday life.


Sortly” is another app that keeps your life more organized during a big move. The iPhone app helps you organize all of the stuff in your home with a visual inventory that’s easy to categorize and manage while on the go. During your move, you can make QR labels that can be scanned to let you know what’s packed inside that box. The “Sortly” app also has a helpful feature that lets you auto save your inventory to Evernote. After your move, you can use the “Sortly” app to keep track of your precious items like jewelry, books, art and more.

Moving Van

Looking for a way to take the hassle out of your next move? The “Moving Van” app can help. Keeping track of the contents of your moving boxes has never been easier. The app helps you speed up the unloading process once you are all moved into your new home. Simply assign the box a room and its contents with a unique name or number, and once everything is unloaded you can unpack without guessing which box goes where. “Moving Van” is available in the App Store for $1.99.

Color Snap

Part of owning a home is giving it a little personality. What better way than to paint your home with color? The “Sherwin Williams Color Snap” app allows you to see the paint colors on your home’s walls without lifting a paintbrush. Simply hold your iPhone up to a room and select a color. And, if you have a throw pillow or blanket in a great color, you can snap a photo of it and the app will generate a match, giving you a paint swatch of a real world color. Just upload a photo to start customizing you paint pallette.

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