The Top 10 Hottest Pictures of Sexy Brandi Passante

There’s no denying it: Brandi Passante is Storage War’s resident hottie, and she’s drumming up quite a fan base of her own. It’s safe to say that a good number of fellas fond of watching Storage Wars are mostly tuning in to see Brandi show off her next short skirt and tight top.

Brandi is a curvy girl with an ample bust and shapely figure. She usually shows off her boobs by wearing tight fitting tops. She’s also fond of letting her low scoop necks show off her sizable cleavage.

Brandi Passante Showing Off Her Massive Cleavage

Here’s Brandi paying up for a storage unit she and Jarrod have just won.

Her dress has certainly been adjusted to display her assets.The wide black belt also helps to push Brandi’s boobs up into view.

Brandi usually dresses casually for interviews on Storage Wars and whenever she’s working at her and Jarrod’s thrift store Rags to Riches.

But it’s not uncommon to see Brandi turn up to a new episode and a new auction dressed to kill. She favors simple but elegant dresses that show off her naturally attractive body without going too far over the top. She has a definite California Girl style going on.

Next up, we’ve got Brandi in a playful devilish mood, during an interview with the filming crew. Whenever Brandi gets up close to the camera for a one on one it’s easier to get a sense of her sweet personality and charming disposition.

Cute Brandi is in a spunky mood on the set of Storage WarsShe sometimes gives her partner Jarrod a pretty harsh talking to whenever she feels he’s overpaid for a unit, but there are also plenty of moments where her innate sweetness shines through.

Brandi seems to have gotten up to some kind of mischief in this shot and she’s holding a hand up to her face to conceal a wry smile.

Many of her young male fans have taken note of Brandi’s large breasts, but in truth she has a the whole package with a classic hourglass figure.

Here’s a picture that truly shows off Brandi’s boobs as she wears a tight black tanktop and leans up against a storage unit while taking a phone call.

Brandi Passante's Giant Boobies

Here our storage queen is sporting some brown retro tinted sunglasses, a revealing spaghetti strap top and a long pendant necklace. Talk about looking hot without even trying!

Brandi doesn’t seem particularly happy in this photo, but that’s O.K. She’s also plenty attractive when she’s just a little bit mad.

When Brandi isn’t on the scene making big purchases and sifting through storage auction units looking for buried treasure, she’s a mother two her and Jarrod’s two children.

The couple has stated that their real interest in storage auctions and their thrift store lies in being able to provide for their family and attain financial freedom. What’s sexier than a beautiful woman with a strong drive?

Next up in our countdown of the sexiest Brandi Passante photos is this little gem that shows our girl in a full-on headshot. Although Brandi usually has a soft and playful appearance, her facial features are actually quite striking in this picture.

A striking head-on photograph of brandi passanteHer hair is dirty blonde and her dark brown eyes are very round and soulful. Her face is capable of great expression.

This is a very beautiful portrait style photograph that shows off Brandi’s naked and open gaze.

She’s not the kind of girl that needs a lot of make-up and concealer to look good. Much of her charm comes from her natural un-fussed style.

This picture is proof that some simple lip gloss and a set of hoop earrings is all that Brandi needs to let her natural beauty shine through.

Brandi probably gets some cute points for being one of the underdogs, too. She has the least significant financial assets of all the Storage Wars buyers.

It is estimated that Brandi is worth about $700 thousand all told, but this is really not much compared to some of the multi-millions that her competitors are slinging around.

Brandi and Jarrod just need to put in some more time and keep on doing their best to make careful purchases and they’ll soon have an even greater nest egg socked away.

Here’s a candid shot of Brandi lounging back in a director’s chair and getting comfortable. Part of Brandi’s allure is the fact that she seems like a real person. She’s escaped the common celebrity pitfall of seeming plastic and unreal. Brandi’s wearing a simple green dress here but still looking hot as ever.

brandi lounging around on Storage WarsThere’s no need to play the unattainable goddess at all times, and even when Brandi is fired up and irritated she still seems like a real person.

Brandi’s working her way up into a “so what” expression while casually lounging back in this fold-out director’s chair. It’s anyone’s guess what she’s talking about.

Although she’s occasionally guilty of being whiny, Brandi also has plenty of fun on the show and that makes us like her all the more.

She seems the least likely of all the buyers to result to downright jerky tactics like running up a unit’s bid price just to torment the buyer that actually wants it. We’re looking at you, Dave Hester.

And now for something completely tasteless. Here’s a close-up of Brandi’s chest. Now we understand why the demographics of Storage Wars viewers are skewed strongly to the 18-25 year old male crowd…

Brandi's Big BoobsBrandi’s physical measurements have been the topic of frenzied speculation for some time now, but there has yet to emerge a definitive answer regarding her bust size.

For now, the reality will have to remain a mystery, although it’s pretty clear that Brandi does not have breast implants.

This is a screen capture from one of the episodes of Storage Wars where Brandi is standing in the hall and discussing a unit purchase with Jarrod.

Here’s an elegant full-length shot that shows off Brandi’s long legs. Her dress and make-up are understated which is all the more indication of her natural beauty. She doesn’t need to spend hours in front of a mirror to look presentable, but has a nice natural glow from living in California and soaking up the sun.

Full length feature photograph of Brandi PassanteShe’s got a bit of a stern face on in this image, but it’s all for show as she poses to look tough enough to hang with all the other auction buyers.

Brandi has a versatile look thanks to her light features and dirty blonde hair. She can pull of a wide range of outfits and colors, though some argue she looks her best in darker tones.

One thing’s for sure: we appreciate the effort that Brandi puts into looking good before she shows up to the set for filming, which is must more than we can say for her often schlubby partner and the other professional schlubs that they bid against.

Brandi brings a sorely needed element of softness and grace that the show would just be a middle-aged sweat-fest without. I’m confident Storage Wars would not have the strong viewership it can boast today if it weren’t for Brandi locking in so much male attention.

Our next sexy Brandi shot is a candid shot taking by our storage goddess herself. She looks to be getting ready to head out for a night on the town and we can see two small bird tattoos on the tops of her feet.

Brandi passante cell phone capture and tattoosDoes this ink speak to some bad-girl tendencies that Brandi once had or is currently suppressing for her TV roles? There have been rumors floating around that she once worked as an adult entertainer, but there’s nothing really conclusive out about that yet.

All we know is that she looks cute taking a picture of herself using her cell phone and a mirror and seems to be checking out a new dress – maybe this is a shot from inside a dressing room?

The arms are a little funky but otherwise I think Brandi can pull it off. Black is always a good color on her and it’s impressive that she still has this great a body even after having two kids!

Brandi is some kind of wonder woman that doesn’t seem to slow down. When she’s not spending time with her family or filming new episodes of Storage Wars, she’s working overtime to take her Rags to Riches thrift shop to the next level of profitability.

We’ll round out this round-up with a cute picture of Brandi in an inquisitive mood, mugging it up for the interview camera yet again. Be sure to tune into Storage Wars to Brandi and all the other storage auction buyers in action!

Cute profile pic of Brandi during an interview on Storage Wars. Until then, enjoy these sexy shots of our favorite storage auction goddess!

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    1. My brother and I went down to Palm Springs last Winter and went to Now and Then to purchase T-Shirts and some Hot Wheels. We met Jarrod and later in the day went back and low and behold there was the Goddess herself. Boobies in all their glory!!

  1. Brandi is “cute” at best. Only reason she’s considered hot by many is her nice can cans. I still think those are store bought.

    Sorry Brandi, if you read this just omho. For havin kids, ya do have a bangin’ body.

  2. brandi has boobs,nice size. rest of her may look good if she would get rid of the old lady dresses she wears.may wear granny panties along with her old lady cloths.her boy friend on the show is a bit cheesy,and cowardly.

    1. Lol, I am lost to why people say this chick is “hot, hot, hot”. I guess I just have to see the show to get it. Oh, and I think you were being kind by giving her a 6 out of 10; seriously.

  3. Cheap fake ones..3500.00 job you get what you pay for and it looks like she always has bad second hand clothes on that don’t fit right.

  4. She must have made some poor choices along the way. How in the world did she end up up with a dork like Jarrod? It’s
    been said she was a stripper for a while and was a party
    girl. I’m guessing she and Jarrod got wasted in Vegas and
    she woke up pregnant with his kid…

  5. she isn’t that hot.. just white trash… I wouldn’t look twice at her in a club… im sure after having kids her body is pretty bad now too…

    1. You wouldn’t stand a chance in hell with her. It’s obvious if you go to clubs…you are a desperate fool with no lady. Nice try though loser.

  6. Definitely don’t see what all the fuss is about. She is average looking at best. She is only getting all of this attention because she flashes her boobs. Look at her face, especially in the picture above in the green dress! Not cute!!!

  7. What’s wrong with you starved lame-o’s? She is a 6 AT BEST!!! I am all for everyone has their own taste, but with all the gushing on here – I had to go back and look – and nope, still 6. Maybe 5.9 now!

  8. Very true…average, but hot, and if it were not for the the show no one would be talking about her. But again no one would be looking away….hot and sassy.

  9. Anyone know if there is any copies of her sex video still on the net, I am curious to see if it is her? I agree she is a 6 at best, but she is semi-famous so I guess that makes up for only being a 6 at best?

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