Moving is a Bummer: What you can do to make it easier

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Even if you’re excited to move to a new and perhaps better place, the physical act of moving your life is a dreaded event. Packing, lifting, carrying, hiring a truck, canceling all of your utility, Internet, and cable services, cleaning, redirecting mail, and a practically endless list of other tasks (not to mention the cost of it all) are a real headache.

Here are some hacks to ease the stress, simplify the process and even add a little (gasp!) fun to the whole operation? Read on:

Convincing family and friends to help

More people means less work; less work means less stress on everyone. As soon as you know you’re moving, reach out to as many friends and family members as possible to increase the odds that more will be there to help. (Note: bribes involving pizza and/or baked goods are highly effective.)

Put together a friendly, humorous email invitation that will get everyone’s attention and perhaps even change their perspective on the whole thing. Email invitations are generally used for parties, but you could turn moving day into one big party by having a little fun with it. Usually beer and pizza are great enticements, just make sure no one overindulges before the work is done. tends to be a bit drab for invitations, but is customizable and enables users to create a really offbeat invitation.

EZ Moves Furniture Moving Sliders

One of the riskiest parts of moving your belongings is lifting heavy furniture. To help keep everyone and everything safe, consider purchasing the “As Seen on TV” product, EZ Moves Furniture Moving Sliders. This product allows you to move even the heaviest furniture much easier. For only about $20, you can lift furniture using up to 10 times your natural strength, according to

Get organized

Moving List, a handy app available for iPhone and iPad, can walk you through all the steps related to moving. It includes lots of helpful lists, such as packing, job relocation, and more, to get you organized and planning all stages of your move.

Address change

One of the biggest hassles of moving is making sure everyone you deal with has your new address, including credit card companies, the IRS, banks, and so on. The United States Post Office makes things a bit easier by allowing you to change your mailing address online, just by going to While you’ll still need to reach out to individual companies, is also an excellent resource that will ensure you don’t leave anyone out.

Identity theft protection

Your mail is a common way identity thieves can steal your personal and financial information. Putting in a change of address is just one of the ways to help prevent this risk. One Washington State man was found with 1,000 pounds of stolen mail in 2013. He had used stolen checks, credit cards, and gift cards from the mail, stealing thousands of dollars from victims throughout the region. It’s a good idea to invest in an identity theft protection service such as Lifelock in order to protect yourself in case any mail gets left behind after you move.

Moving day

Don’t disappoint your helpers by forgetting to make moving day fun. Consider making a game out of the tasks of moving. Compete with each other to see who can carry the most to the truck safely, organize boxes the neatest, or clean the quickest.

Creating a playlist of upbeat songs can also help make things more fun. You could even dance while you pack. As this could be your last chance for a while to spend time with those who are helping out, keep it lighthearted and festive.

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