Moving Home? Use This Checklist As A Reference

Moving home is one of the most stressful things we all have to do in life, according to statistics, we move at least 8 times throughout our lifetime. Many of us want this to be as hassle-free as possible, there are things that you can do to help you when making the move.

Two Months Before The Move

This is where you really need to start sorting and organising things, being prepared will make a much smoother move. So make sure you do the following;

Book time off work either side of the move

Visit local school for the children and also put plans in place to have their medical, dental and other records moved beforehand.

Order cardboard boxes, or better still, visit your local superstore and ask if they have any spare as these go for recycling anyway and they would be happy to give you some free of charge.

Sort and clear through your old belongings, throw things out that you no longer use, a new home is a fresh start. I make a rule of thumb where if I have not used anything within a certain period of time then it is no good and will never be used.

5-6 Weeks Before

Have your new home conveyed and inspected as statistics show that buyers spend on average $4,000 dollars fixing things they should’ve done before they moved in.

If you already have life insurance make sure that the terms on the insurance meet the requirements of the mortgage condition, if you do not have it you may want to take it out, that is of course if it is a condition.

Hire a removal company such as Aurora movers, these companies will help you pack up all of our items and load it onto trucks. Some moving companies may also supply bubble wrap and boxes, some may even have specialised trucks for our antiques and paintings, if you have any.

Make sure our home insurance and contents insurance is covered from the day you move in.

3 Weeks Before Moving

Make sure you stay connected by moving your home phone, broadband and TV services to the new property as these can take up to 3-6 weeks to be installed in the new home.

Redirect all of our mail for critical things such as banks and other services you may have held at your property, you may also want to tell your service providers that you have moved.

Checkout the new tariffs for energy at your home, some may have a deal on for that month that will set you up for the year!

Sort out your bills. Update your addresses with your TV licence, bank or building society, current credit cards, insurance providers, and any pensions and investments you may have.

Check out this infographic that may also help you:

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