Indulge in Luxury Anywhere You Go With These Portable Goods

The upkeep of a luxurious life requires some work, as opulence is grandiose in both its demeanor and size. The transportation and storage of luxury goods can be complicated because these items typically take up a substantial amount of space. But if you want to avoid some of these hassles, here is a list of portable items that allow you to indulge in leisure from anywhere:


Find pure bliss and comfort in the privacy of your backyard with your own jet spa. While many spa and hot tubs are bulky and immobile, the PureSpa is inflatable and therefore easy to transport and set up. The tub seats up to four adults and holds 210 gallons of water. The spa boasts four individual massage jets and 120 bubble jets. And its control panel enables you to adjust the settings for a massage that suits your needs.

Record Player

Experience the rich sound of vinyl anywhere and anytime with the Crosley Cruiser transportable turntable. The stylish, briefcase-style shell comes in a variety of patterns and colors so you can personalize your record player. The Crosley players are constructed of wood and bound in leather with a three-speed turntable and built-in stereo speakers. This compact case eliminates the need for a bulky speaker system and stereo to attach to your turntable. The modern design also lets you plug in your portable audio device or MP3 player. Plus, it is easy to store since it only weighs 16 pounds and has compact dimensions of 17 by 13 by 8 inches.


A fireplace gives your space a soothing ambiance and a sense of serenity. The indoor Zeta Bio-Ethanol Fireplace allows you to enjoy this luxury anywhere you may be. The Zeta’s curved inner shell is composed of polished stainless steel, which complements the leather exterior. The free-standing fireplace utilizes bio-ethanol fuel, which is an eco-friendly and renewable energy source that yields up to 20 burn hours. The Zeta is also able to swivel 360 degrees, so you can direct the heat and view the flame from any angle. This device is compact and easy to transport — It measures 32 inches in height, 36 inches in width and 42 inches in depth. The Zeta is a perfect alternative to large, immovable and bulky traditional fireplaces.

Washing Machine

Washing machines are one of the most expensive utilities because of their upfront and energy costs. Traditional washing machines also are difficult to transport and store, due to their large size. A portable and greener alternative for washing your clothes is a hand-powered laundry machine. The Wonder Wash allows you to regulate the amount you wash and how much water is used. This tumble-wash system is ideal for delicates, but it is large enough to handle the equivalent of 10 T-shirts, 30 pairs of socks or three pairs of jeans. The Wonder Wash is the smallest washing machine available and is ideal for those on the go, since it is portable and easy to store.

Espresso Maker

The Mypressi Twist is one of the most compact, stylish and efficient espresso makers on the market. It is known as the first, truly-portable espresso machine that produces espresso that rivals traditional models. The device is easy to tote and store, as it weighs only four pounds and measures around 12 inches long. Twist was voted the best new consumer product in 2010 by the Speciality Coffee Association, and it is perfect for the home, office and outdoors since it requires no external power or power cords.

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