Important Considerations When Using Courier Services

Businesses of all descriptions use courier services as a means of delivering products to their customer base, sending materials for collaborations with other businesses and simply as an alternative to using the post office.

Why use a courier service?

Seeing that so many businesses use courier services there must be some benefits to take note of. Here are five of the most commonly cited.

  1. Courier services are faster than post office services, plus same day pickup and delivery can generally be arranged.
  2. Courier companies are generally able to provide businesses with customised delivery services at reasonable rates.
  3. Using a courier company reduces the need on the part of businesses to maintain expensive in-house courier fleets.
  4. Courier companies can provide businesses with courier services outside of regular business hours, e.g. afterhours, holidays and weekends.
  5. Courier companies can often provide services the post office and shipping companies are unable to, e.g. delivering sensitive or perishable materials.

If your business is to use courier services productively and cost effectively there are a number of considerations to take into account and act upon, including reducing the costs involved.

Reduce your business transportation costs

If you’re to utilise courier services for your business needs you’ll want to reduce the costs involved where possible.

Cost effectiveness is a prominent reason on the part of business managers for utilising the services of courier companies as opposed to maintaining their own in-house courier fleets – courier fleets are notoriously expensive to maintain and generally don’t prove cost effective during the offseason or times of sluggish business activity – so take note of the following five tips for reducing your business transportation costs when using courier services.

  1. Prepare a yearly business transportation plan

You undoubtedly have a yearly business plan – a business plan that sets out your expectations for the financial year – so why not create a yearly business transportation plan? Your yearly transportation plan should take into account your transportation costs until the present point in time and include ways to reduce your future transportation costs.

  1. Procure quotes from several competing courier companies

Although you might have a longstanding relationship with your current courier company it’s important to understand what other courier companies are currently charging. Source several competing courier companies in your area, procure an online courier quote from each and compare them with your current courier rates.

  1. Renegotiate your current rates or switch companies

If the quotes you’ve procured from competing courier companies are more cost effective, renegotiate the rates you’re currently paying or switch companies. Provided that your current courier company values your business, and chances are they do, they’ll be willing to renegotiate.

  1. Provide your customer base with greater delivery options

By providing your customer base with a greater range of delivery options you can generally reduce transportation costs and also offer your customer base more competitively priced products once delivery charges have been included. By providing them with, for example, both same day and next day delivery options, you’ll be able to provide them with more competitively priced, and therefore more appealing, products.

  1. If feasible share delivery costs with other businesses

This generally wouldn’t be an option when delivering the products you’ve sold to your customers, though it’s often an option if you’re receiving products or supplies from the same sources as other businesses in your local area. A collaborative effort can go a long way to reducing expenditure, even between competing businesses.

It’s hoped this article has proven informative and that these tips help you to utilise courier services more productively and cost effectively.



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Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Parcel2Courier, a leading intermediary that connects clients with trusted couriers. Their site features details on getting an online courier quote. A company that prides themselves on their customer service.




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