General Moving Advice – Don’t worry – it’ll be fine!!

Moving house can be a great cause for anxiety, and it is often the way that this anxiety created problems when things are not thought through so well, and this will naturally cause a lot more anxiety! A catch 22 of sorts, it will mean that you may well find yourself in a lot of trouble if it gets to be too much! A few hints as to the general workings of a move and how to prepare yourself for the ride that is domestic removals can be a helping hand, so have a look over the following to get an idea as to how you may want to go about your move.


– For a start, it is important to know that you are completely capable of getting everything done. Setting out everything that needs sorting for the move on a sheet of paper is usually a great way to ensure that you are not overly panicked by the prospect of moving, as it will show you the reality of the situation. It is easy to build up an unclear picture of the situation if you have not rationally thought everything through, as a fear of the unknown can cause real issues when it comes to worrying about everything. The hope is that you will have started well enough in advance that the set of things that you need to get done is not actually that bad for the amount of time that you have.


– other than packing, you will find that the rest of the move is not that strenuous. Sure, you need to get things like packing materials sorted, and removals companies booked, but everything else is pretty specific to your needs. Talk to your energy and phone providers to check as to whether you are able to set up the cancellation or transfer of bills for the day of the move, so that you do not spend any money unnecessarily. You will also have to be sure to get the postal redirection set up for that day as well, so that your post arrives perfectly on the day that you are first at the new place. If you can, ensure that all of your addresses are changed on any necessary documents before the move, so that you are not worrying about important things going missing in the post.


– Get the new house ready to move in to if you have the chance. Some house exchanges work out so that you move in on the day that the other family move out, but if there is any overlap, then you should go to the new place and prepare it for your new life. Redecorating will be a lot easier if you are not working around piles of boxes, and you will also avoid getting dust and paint on your furniture! If you can, touch up the old place after you have moved the furniture out, as this will mean that you have to be a little less careful with getting larger furniture through tight spaces, as you will be repainting and refilling parts of the house any way.


– There are plenty of ways to reduce the costs of moving house, so have a little look into cash busting techniques. You will find that renting a van is a lot cheaper than using a removals company, and is the perfect solution for some people. These money saving techniques often require a fair amount of effort however, and you will no doubt want to be sure that you have the time and patience to carry them out!


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