A Combination Door Lock Can Provide Security and Convenience at Home or Work

A combination door lock is a secure and convenient way to protect your home or workplace. There are many benefits to choosing this type of locking system over other systems that require keys to gain entry. There are two different kinds of keyless locking systems that people can choose: an electronic system and the other is a push button system. While electronic systems provide a different level of sophistication, they can be much more expensive and require a more complicated installation. Choosing a push button system will save you money and time. The level of security they provide is just as high as what you would get using an electronic system.

How the Push Button Lock System Works

A push button locking system provides extra security at home or work, for outside doors or inside doors. There are models available to fit any type of door, from wooden framed doors, 40mm-80mm thick or thinner, and even for glass panel doors.

There is a total of thirteen numbers and letters on the keypad, allowing more than 10,000 possible seven-digit combinations to be set. The lock comes pre-coded by the manufacturer, but there are easy instructions which allow you to reset the code anytime. Two keys are also provided so that in case of emergencies or if you forget your code you will have the option to override the system by using the key. These locks also come with a drilling template so that you can easily install them on your own.

Benefits of Using Push Button Combination Locks

There are many benefits to gain from choosing this type of locking system for your inside or outside doors. It will fit on any kind of door whether hung on the left or right. One of the best features is that there is no power supply needed to use this system, which makes installation and upkeep very simple. It also means that the lock will work to secure and protect your home or workplace whether or not the power has gone out.

The possible 10,000-plus combinations mean that you can easily reset the combination for the lock as many times as you wish. This makes it the perfect system for the workplace because when an employee leaves, you won’t have to worry about changing the entire lock and reissuing new keys. You can simply update the combination immediately and be assured that your business is still protected. The easy installation also makes this system the perfect choice for doors inside of your home or workplace. You can keep certain rooms containing valuables or secure information protected all the time without worrying about keeping track of keys.

Choose a convenient system that has been successfully protecting important businesses such as banks, office buildings, health services, sports centres, and more. Throw out your keychain and secure any door you wish.

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