How To Make The Most of Your Storage Space

Are you moving house or taking some time out to decorate your existing home? Then you may decide to hire a self storage unit or man and van hire while you get everything organised. If you do, then you will want to make sure that you are getting the best value for money you can and that you are paying for the smallest storage space that you can get. Many people find it difficult to visualise just how much room their furniture or other household items will take up in a storage unit and end up hiring something that is far bigger than what they need. Some storage companies can help with this and can often estimate how much room you will need based on a description of your goods. However, if you want to make sure that your items take up as little room as possible then you may want to check out the handy pre-storage packing tips below;
How To Make The Most of Your Storage Space
Dismantle, Dismantle, Dismantle – If you want to be able to hire the smallest storage unit you can find then dis-assembling any furniture that you have will reduce the amount of room which it takes up. So if you’re decorating your dining room and need to move everything out then make sure you take the table and chairs apart first. Remember that clearly labelling screws and other assembly parts in separate bags can help you when it comes to putting them back together!

Don’t Leave Any Empty Spaces – If you have dismantled your dresser then don’t just leave the draws sitting empty. Make sure that each draw is filled full of any light furnishings which you need to move so that no space is wasted. If you have a dresser which you cannot dismantle then remember to remove the draws for the journey but to put them back in at the storage unit so that they take up less room.
How To Make The Most of Your Storage Space2
Have A Clear Out – Many people move things into storage only to realise later down the line that they didn’t actually need them. So before you fork out for an expensive storage unit it can be worth having a sort out first. If there are books, DVD’s, CD’s or old pieces of furniture that you don’t actually need to keep anymore then why not give them to charity or sell them online instead. This doesn’t only save you on your storage costs or man and van service but it can also help you to raise money for charity or for your own household fund.

Use The Right Packing Materials – When you’re paying for a storage unit you often don’t want to pay any extra for expensive packing materials as well. However, making sure that you have suitably-sized boxes or other packing aids can actually help you to reduce the storage space that you need. Special bags which enable you to vacuum-pack soft furnishings can really help if you’re looking store a lot of clothes, cushions, curtains or duvets.

Fill Those Boxes! – Some people don’t fill their storage boxes to the top in case the boxes break or become too heavy to be moved. For this purpose use a van hire. However, if you use sturdy storage boxes and a bit of thought when you’re packing things up then you should have nothing to worry about. Remember to pack heavy things in the bottom of the boxes and to top them with lighter items to ensure the box isn’t too heavy to lift. If you don’t have the best quality boxes then remember to use plenty of packing tape to try and stop them from breaking along the way.

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