Guest Post: Never Used Self Storage? Think Again

Many people believe that they have no need to use a self-storage facility, that it is a place where people put items and forget about them. There are a lot more people who could make use of these services but are unaware of it. Are you finding yourself short on space at home? Can’t find a place in your home for that particular piece of furniture that you can’t quite bare to part with? You don’t have to make the hard decision to throw away items to conserve space; self-storage is a simple, safe and convenient option which will take no more time than driving to a recycling station, but without the heavy heart. Here we have some top tips about how you can maximise your space at home, whilst ensuring that you have peace of mind that your possessions are secure and available should you ever need them.

Garden Furniture
Everyone enjoys sitting out on a hot summer’s day in their garden, whether it’s just on your own watching the world go by or enjoying time with friends or family we all can appreciate the benefits that having a good set of garden furniture can bring. However when the weather begins to turn and it becomes too cold and damp to enjoy them anymore you are faced with the prospect of having to try and find some space in a garage for them until next year or risk them being damaged by the elements. So when the first signs of autumn begin to show why not move them into storage? That will ensure that you can make the most of your garden tables and chairs on the next sunny day whilst knowing that they are being help in a safe, damp-free environment.

Workmen’s tools are often expensive items and frequently attract thieves. Whether you keep your tools in a car, van or garage, whether you rely on them for your livelihood or just for some general D.I.Y at home self-storage can offer a quick and convenient answer to your security worries. Self-storage facilities have employees controlling access to the building and you will be the only key holder to your unit and are protected by CCTV and alarm systems. Putting your tools into self-storage and picking them up when required can help to ensure that costly pieces of equipment are held in a place you can really rely on giving you great piece of mind.

Small Businesses
More and more people are starting small businesses in their free time. With the advent of the internet it has never been easier to pursue your dreams of starting up your very own venture. The issue with having a business on the internet instead of in a more conventional form is that there is not the same amount of space available. Rather than cluttering up your house with your stock you can free up that spare room by moving them into self-storage. You can access your merchandise freely and maybe turn what once was the stockroom in your home into an office from which you can become a business tycoon.

Not planning a holiday for a while but your driveway is taken up by your caravan or motor home? Is space in your garage being taken up by that vintage motorbike that you’re sure that you’ll get working eventually? Vehicles take up a lot of space and unless you‘re using them for day-to-day travel they can become an inconvenience to you, many companies offer vehicle storage for your convenience.

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