Guest Post: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Storage Facilities

At times the use of self-storage facilities is a must, whether you are in between properties, a student, have decided to travel or just need that extra space for some short time, then such self storage facilities are an ideal solution.
However there are some advantages and disadvantages whilst using such facilities, here are some pro’s and con’s that is based on.

Indoor self-storage.
Indoor self-storage is the most common style of storage facilities, such storage can enable great security, as a professional self-storage company will have 24 CCTV camera’s, most will also have a security guards and offer each storage unit with alarms. Indoor self-storage also offer a dry and safe means for your items, as with outdoor storage solutions, you can guarantee that your items will be protected against the elements. Generally indoor storage units are keep at a the same temperate. There are also numerous companies to choose from offering very good deals on both long and short term. It is also an easy process to take your belongings out of storage when you want to.

Disadvantages, Generally such storage units are based on numerous floors of a building, and may not have lift facilities, so if you need to store heavy items such as sofa’s, beds or wardrobes, it may be difficult to carry theses up flights of stairs.

Outdoor Self Storage.
Outdoor storage may consist of containers, such containers come in a range of different sizes, as the contains are based outside, this will enable you to have easy access of your items and generally outdoor storage companies will also have parking facilities for ease of removal of your items, there for it is a much easy option if you want to store heavier items, as the storage is at floor level.. Most good outdoor storage companies will have a good security system set up and most will be a fenced establishment, with CCTV and an alarm system. Due to the storage being outdoor this will also enable you to gain easy access of your goods.

Disadvantages, as the storage units are outside they maybe prone to the weather condition, as there is nothing to control the temperate inside each container, so if the weather is hot then the contents of your container will become hot and the same applies in the cold weather. If the items in the storage are temperate sensitive then it may become damage due to the atmospheric conditions.

Self Storage Service
The Self storage service are generally offered by professional reputable removal companies, such companies will also offer to transport your items from your property to the storage for you making this option very convenient.
If you choose a more professional company then your items are generally insured under their policy, it is always a good idea to ask such thing before you move you items in.

Unlike outdoor storage units, the self service storage is also temperate controlled so your items will not be effect by any weather conditions.

Disadvantages, An extra charge will be endured for the transportation of your items, so this may need to be taken into consideration if you have a set budget. You may also need to think about the size of the items that you wish to store, as additional cost such as man and a van hire may be required.

This type of storage may only be suitable for short term storage, as they are provided by a removal company and usually come with a short term lease.


Guest Post: Various Aspects of Storage that Need to be Assessed Before You Do Anything

Storage is a difficult thing to get your head round sometimes. It basically allows you to live beyond your means, a little like credit. It can be viewed as a valuable service that allows you to spend a bit of money on a little extra space, or time to work out what you are doing with things that you don’t need, but in reality, it also means that you are paying to carry on owning something that you do not use, and that you have already paid for!

On top of this is the idea that you may end up selling the items that you stored, which will have decreased in value significantly, despite you have poured more money into holding on to them for a little while longer. The fact of the matter is, unless you can see your self realistically using the things that you are planning on storing in the next year or less, then you should probably avoid the serious expenses that storage can bring about, in favor of just selling things straight away, and saving that cash to buy new stuff when you may need it! Second hand things can always be had for decent prices, so why burden yourself with lugging stuff to and from storage, when you could save money otherwise?

If you are looking to store things long term, and are pretty sure that you’ll be needing them again, then perhaps look elsewhere than the well trodden path of self storage. You will no doubt have heard of crate storage, but given as it is not that widely used for domestic storage purposes, it may not have crossed your mind as an option. This method sees your items packed in to a crate, which may well be delivered to your property to be filled.

The crate is nailed shut, and delivered back to the warehouse, where it is stacked with thousands of other crates. Whilst this stacking makes accessibility difficult, it also improves the security, and makes the rent a lot cheaper, in that the warehouse can fit many more crates in, than they would self storage units. You may have to pay a small charge and book to see your items, but if you can keep that to a minimum then the savings are well worth it.

If you feel like crate storage is too permanent a solution for your storage needs, and you only need easy access storage for a short while, then mobile storage may be an option. Whilst it can be rather unsightly, there are a great many positives to be found in having a storage unit on your own property,and this is exactly what mobile storage is. Much like a skip, there is a charge for drop off and pick up, but the rental otherwise is pretty low. You will find that they are easily as secure as a self storage unit, and are obviously very much more accessible than either of the other two options.

Whilst storage may not be the best for the reasons that it is most commonly used, those of not really knowing what to do, and not being bothered to work it out, there are options that fill the exact requirements of those who need storage for more productive uses. Long term storage in crates is cheaper, easier and more secure, whilst short term access in mobile storage is perfect for redecorating or house staging.

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Moving Some Place Cold For Work? How to Find the Right Vehicle for Your New Snowy Location

In 2012, nearly 750,000 people moved out of the Golden State, according to While there were of course a number of different reasons behind those moves, more than a few probably left for a new job opportunity. At least some have headed to North Dakota, a state with a population that is growing nearly three times faster than any other in the entire nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Making an exodus from California, or any other place known for its year-round mild climate, to a destination that experiences lots of snow and occasional blizzards, means getting a new weather-appropriate vehicle may be on your to-do list.

If you’re in a similar situation, here are a few things you should consider in order to make the best decision when searching for the right vehicle.

Budget and Financing

Unless you’re independently wealthy, cost is probably a major consideration. Before you make the decision as to which type of vehicle to purchase, determine the amount you can spend. offers a free calculator that can help figure out how much car you can afford based on the down payment you have saved, your current vehicle trade-in value and other factors.

Arranging for financing before you purchase will generally get you a better interest rate, according to Even if you don’t have the best credit, companies like DriveTime can help consumers with credit issues arrange for financing and purchase of a used vehicle online or over the phone.


You don’t have to be moving to North Dakota for the weather to affect your decision. There are many other places where snow is a consideration. If you plan to move where it rains or snows for much of the year, an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle should be one of your must-have options, according to Either type of vehicle offers better acceleration during inclement weather, and also helps with traction and towing.

Look into buying one of these vehicles in your current area and driving it to your new state. When it comes time to sell, you’ll probably come out better financially if you have an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive as people are willing to pay a premium in regions of the country that experience harsh winters.


Another important factor to think about is the commute you’ll be making to your new job. How many miles will you drive to work each day? Is the route prone to heavy traffic? If you’ll have a lengthy commute or will be faced with lots of stop-and-go traffic, fuel efficiency should be a top consideration.

When making your calculations, consider the gas prices in your new destination. Check fuel costs in the area by visiting, or downloading the app onto your smartphone. If you aren’t sure what typical traffic is like in the new area, you can get up-to-date, real-time traffic information, including average speeds, that can help you get an idea of what your future commute might be like with the Beat the Traffic app. Car Fuel Economy is an app that will allow you to check fuel consumption by vehicle year and model, as well as allow you to make comparisons between two models to help you make a more informed decision.

Guest Post: Storage Options for the Domestic Remover

When you are moving house, there will be a number of reasons as to why you may need storage. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of ways in which you can use storage as well, and whilst holding on to things that you don’t have room for at a cost is not a sensible thing to get in to, you will likely need to have things out of the way when moving house for a variety of reasons.

Many people go straight for the normal ‘self storage’ route, but this may well be a mistake for you! It depends on the reasons that you are putting stuff away, but the fact is, self storage is expensive, not that secure and takes a fair bit of effort to get your items to! If you have a think about what you need form your storage, and have a look at the alternatives below, then you may well find that there are other ways of doing things that will make much more sense for you.

First off is the lesser used ‘crate storage’. This is a more commercial based storage option, which can be used for various reasons. It;s domestic application is certainly a viable option however, as it stores your belongings securely in a way that costs much less than self storage. With crate storage, the crates are delivered to your home, and you can pack them up just as you like, ensuring that everything is packed safely. Once you are done, the crates are sealed, and transported to a warehouse, where they are stacked amongst many other crates.

The way in which the crates are nailed shut, as well as the fact that they are stacked so high means that they are almost completely inaccessible unless you have an employee of the company with you. This is much safer than the open warehouse with padlocked doors that self storage offers. This method of stacking increases the efficiency of the ground space, and will mean that you can make savings over self storage as well.

The downside to all this is that the company will often charge to see the contents of the crate, as it takes a bit of work getting it out and ready for you to view. If your use requires long term storage however, this is a great option.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, short term storage may benefit from ‘mobile storage’. This is where a large container is delivered to your home and remains there, free for you to use how you like. This method is much like a closed skip, as it has charges for delivery and pickup, but only a low rental fee. This sort of storage is absolutely perfect if you are home staging before trying to sell your home, or just doing the place up before you move in, as the storage unit is so easily accessed.

There are of course issues however, in that the units are pretty unsightly, and you will find that there are many ways in which your neighbors may object! You may even need to obtain permission to have one form the council if your home is fairly open to public view, as the thing may be deemed an eyesore! If you are able to utilize this method however, then it can be a really good option for you, that can save you time, money and effort overall.

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Guest Post: The Importance & Benefit of Using Self Storage Units

A less untidy home seems very spacious and open is not at all a secret anymore. The self storages can be used for any item by any person for any period of time that too in a very secure and safe environment provided. Below we give some useful suggestions for making it easier to understand the benefits of the public storages more.

Benefits of Public Storage

  1. The facility for storing furniture when relocating to a new home.
  2. The archive storage facility is separate.
  3. One can store their items on a week to week basis and is required to just give a short amount of notice at the time of leaving it vacant.
  4. For the transportation of goods, individual assistance is provided.
  5. One is also given the advantage of changing the amount of space for self storage as required in accordance to the needs.

Different Facilities That Are Provided

  1. Access public type of storage unit is of 24 / 7.
  2. The roller door spaces are provided in drive up.
  3. One can also get pallet delivered very easily.
  4. One does not have to put in much effort in movement of the goods as the trolleys are provided for moving the goods.
  5. One is also provided with small sized storage boxes along with the packaging materials on the site itself.
  6. The public storage facility is also provided in mobility.

The Security Measures Being Taken

  1. There are CCTV cameras installed that are providing security round the clock 24 hours a day.
  2. The documents are also stored offsite for avoiding loss of documents for if fire persists.
  3. One is provided with his or her very own padlock along with the locker key for the personal locking up space.

How the Benefits are Been Maximised with Cost Being Minimised?

  1. One can make payments on monthly basis without any leases applicable yearly.
  2. There is no need to sign any bond or something while renting up a storage space.
  3. The rate for renting a space is very much affordable.
  4. Some of the units of public storage even offer discounts is one can pay in advance for the renting periods.
  5. The dispatch and receipt services are not at all chargeable that is they free of cost.

In addition to the advantages that are mentioned above some of the professional public storage units also offers removal services and advices on storages as well along with various discount offers from time to time. One can easily choose a reputed and reliable type of self storage facility for getting more customer satisfaction.

Professional Self Storage Services are recommended for their highly secured and very convenient self storage units. If someone is looking for small storage units, storage units, movement, packaging & shipping of supplies and renting trucks, make use of professional services providers to easily serve for all the mentioned services with the guarantee of low prices as well.