Guest Post: Looking For a Storage Facility?

Are you looking for a storage facility to accommodate some of your belongings? Do you feel that your home has become too cluttered already? You are definitely not the only one lacking enough space at home. It seems that more and more people require more storage space these days. It’s quite convenient when you have that extra storage space, that’s also safe and easily accessible. You can store anything you could think of – vehicles, equipment, tools, collectables, furniture, artwork, etc.

There are different types of storage options available; some of these types are: moving company storage service, self-storage units in facilities, mobile storage in containers, climate-controlled storage for vulnerable items, temperature-controlled storage and more. No longer does storage space mean just a huge warehouse. This industry has grown significantly in recent years and storage options are becoming better and better. They are also quite affordable and for a monthly fee you get a big storage unit for your belongings that you can use whichever way you’d like.

A self-storage facility can be inside a building or outside of town, surrounded by a wall. The available units are of various sizes and each has its own code and unique key available to the client. CCTV cameras record 24/7 and there are also live guards on site. Usually the access to the facility is during the regular business hours and also at the weekend, since that’s when most people are free. Packing boxes can be provided, as well as professional packing service and trolleys.

Mobile storage involves the use of a compartment which is sent to the client by a storage company. The client fills the vault, trailer or container that’s made of steel or wood and then the storage company picks it up. It’s quick, easy and extremely convenient because you can store anything you want inside. However, there are also packing precautions you should take. If you need to pack fragile items, furniture, antiques and electronics, you need quality packaging supplies and appropriate techniques. The goal is ultimate safety for your belongings and ensuring that they won’t be damaged during transportation and storage.

Each storage option has its benefits, but none of them will be perfect for you unless you choose it according to your specific needs. If you need regular access to the unit, choose a local storage facility that is not too far from your home.

The difference between temperature-controlled and climate-controlled storage units is that the first one allows fluctuations in the temperature and the temperature is similar to that in the whole storage facility. The climate-controlled, on the other hand, controls the entire climate inside the container, as well as its humidity.

Consider these various storage solutions and pick the one that will work best for you and the type of items you need to store.

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Take Some of the Stress Out of Moving Into Your New LA Home, Hire Movers

Smooth, simple, stress-free. These aren’t common terms associated with moving house again. Or are they? While it may seem more economical to get a few of your son’s friends together and offer them pizza to help you move your entire house, you could end up paying a lot more than you think. What could go wrong and why should you consider a moving company?

Read Between the Lines

When renting your own moving truck, there are always unexpected fees. Assume you’re moving across town, for example, and need the truck all day to make, say, four trips back-and-forth. While the side of the proposed truck might say “$19.99/daily,” read the small print. That price is the base. Now, take the miles you travel (some places charge up to $0.89/mile) and add that total to the base; add the high cost of fuel and any necessary insurance, and you’ve got yourself a pricey transaction. Not to mention the manual labor you’ll be paying for this moving day.

Consider Your Location

If you live anywhere other than the desert, you need to think about the weather conditions. We in LA don’t get much, but when it rains, it pours in California. This can slow your personal, moving boys down; it can stain your couch and dirty the carpets in both locations, as the guys trample through with wet and dirty shoes. Home moving companies have invested a lot of time and energy to create ways around the wet — and that’s by covering up your carpets and their shoes.

Another consideration when living in a big city like San Francisco, is the time you’re loading, and space that’s available in the street. If moving yourself, where do you plan on loading if there’s not an available parking spot close by? And think about leaving the contents in the truck when you and your helpers are up and down the stairs … let alone, leaving your apartment door open. There are opportunities for disastrous loss by theft. With a moving company, let them worry about details.

The Condition of Your Things

While your son or daughter’s spouse will care if they damage belongings, their friends might not even notice if they accidentally bang your coffee table on the wall when hauling it out of your place. They aren’t going to reimburse you if they accidentally drop a shipping box with glasses inside and shatter them. And they certainly don’t know how to dismantle your pool table and put it back up balanced and ready to go. There are formulas for that, and certain movers know what they are and how to solve them.

Look into specialty movers for items such as pianos, large plasma TVs, pool tables, trees and shrubs, vehicles like classic cars, boats and jet skis. And keep this in mind:

  • Leave it to the professionals. Taking all of these factors into account, you might actually save money hiring a moving company, and with so many out there, you can find the perfect one that fits your needs, especially your budget. However, don’t forget to do your part.
  • Research your options. Check online reviews to be sure they’re in good standing and ask friends if they have any experiences with good companies. Also, be sure to inventory your belongings on the way out and on the way in.

Guest Post: Benefits and Uses of Self Storage

Who doesn’t want to be able to store easily everything they own? We all buy stuff that we sometimes don’t use and we all need more storage space in our homes. What is the best way to store all your extra items, without cluttering your home? One of the ways is by investing in a private storage unit. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made – an opportunity to declutter your home and ensure complete safety for your belongings. Not everything can be stored at home – some items require special handling and packaging, others require a climate-controlled environment and some are simply too big to store in the garage. The growth in self-storage industry has been significant in the past decade. It’s because more and more people need extra space, while homes are becoming smaller and smaller. Whichever the reason, a storage unit is a great way to keep your precious possessions and have access to them without cluttering your home. Self-storage units can be used in many ways. Here are some of their basic purposes and some modern usages.

  • A convenient back-up plan for a family on the move: Everyone knows how hard relocations are, especially when you end up realizing you own more that you had imagined. Suddenly it seems like mission impossible to pack it all and move it within a reasonable budget. Some of your items will have to be trashed, while others could be recycled. But what should you do with those you’d like to keep, yet won’t be able to accommodate in your future home? Do you simply get rid of them? Not necessarily – you could rent a self-storage unit and save yourself the trouble and the stress. Once you have moved and managed to settle down, you could take the time to figure out what to do with each item – throw it away, sell it or give it to charity.
  • During renovation or remodeling of the house: Yet another convenient usage of self-storage is while you are busy renovating your house and everything is a big mess. People usually take this opportunity to also do a house clearance and get rid of some of the old and unwanted items. Put them in a temporary storage unit, until you decide how to proceed. This way you can focus on the renovation works without getting distracted.
  • For collections: One of the many uses of a self-storage unit is for keeping there various collectables. If you have a hobby that requires lots of equipment, you could easily store it in a climate-controlled unit. You could put shelves inside and make it extremely convenient.
  • Warehouse for small businesses: A storage unit can be the perfect place to store documents, equipment or furniture. It’s safe and easy and you won’t be worried about your inventory.

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Guest Post: A Removal Company Can Be Hired For An Hour

A van removal service doesn’t have to be hired for an entire afternoon. In fact, a removal van can be chosen for an hour. If you’re moving and don’t have long to do so, this is very convenient. This is because you can move boxes into a new home soon after being given the keys to it.


Just like in other cities in the UK, there are plenty of options to choose from when a removal van  is required. Professional removal companies could be hired or those which help people move in their free time. When searching for a removal company, it is recommended that you spend a long time on doing so. By getting in touch with a removal company via email or telephone and asking about their experience, you can determine which one should be hired. You could even search online for testimonials by previous customers of theirs. It is very important that numerous quotes are obtained. Some removal companies might reduce their prices considerably when a vehicle is hired for a short period of time. By stating how long a vehicle is needed for, an accurate quote will be given.


There are many situations when choosing a house moving van for a short period of time is in your best interests:


–       Furniture

A van doesn’t have to be hired when moving home. This is because it could be chosen for picking up furniture which has been bought online. The cost for delivery which is charged by a furniture retailer could be much more than what a removal man  asks for renting a vehicle for an hour. It is also more convenient too. This is because you won’t have to wait at home for what you’ve ordered to be delivered because you can pick it up yourself.


–       Local tip

If much of your home has been decorated and there is a lot of debris, it should be taken to a local tip. When your car is not very big, it can take a long time to transport debris to a tip. It can even cause damage too. However, a removal van is very convenient. This is because debris can be transported in a single trip. Even if a van is hired for an hour, several trips to a local tip can be done.


–       Job interview

Although it is an extreme example, you could choose a van for getting to a job interview because it is cheaper than public transport. If you’re concerned that you will be late for an important job interview, you could pick up a vehicle from a hire company that has many offices. You could discover that a vehicle can be dropped off in the same city which your interview is being held at. This is because the company it was chosen from has premises there.


–       Test drive

If you want to buy a van but aren’t sure which one should be chosen, you could rent it for a short period of time. A test drive doesn’t last for an hour and can be for about fifteen minutes. When a removal van is hired for an hour, you can test drive and check to see if it is the one which you will then buy. This option is suitable if a vehicle manufacturer does not have a showroom in the city which you live in. Therefore, you can drive multiple vehicles and probably won’t have to pay a lot of money either.


Choosing a removal van on a short term basis is beneficial on many accounts. Why not consider it if you need a vehicle for a couple of hours or just sixty minutes?


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Don’t Put That in There: What Not to Keep in Your Storage Unit

Storage unit operators are used to finding some crazy things in their facilities. Even so, some items stand out from all the others. Occasionally, a storage facility owner will even find a body; the Tampa Bay Times reported a case in which a Clearwater, Florida, woman stored the corpse of her 95-year-old mother in her unit, because she couldn’t afford to send it up to a Georgia cemetery. In a more sinister case, the Associated Press reported the story of a body discovered in a Lewiston, Maine, facility that is believed to be the murdered girlfriend of the unit’s renter. She had disappeared in 1983, but only after the suspected killer died did anyone go through his storage unit.

While it should be obvious to most people that bodies don’t belong in storage units, there are some less-obvious items you shouldn’t put in storage.

Important Documents

Florida, Georgia, and California are among the top five states for identity theft, according to Lifelock. But no matter what state you live in, never be careless with your personal information. Keep your birth certificate, car titles, credit card bills and other sensitive documents in a safety deposit box or other secure location.

Food warns that even canned goods are not safe in a storage unit. The extreme changes in temperature can cause cans to bulge or even burst. The only types of food that are even remotely storable are dried things like spices.

Items of Sentimental Value

The conditions inside a storage unit are not good for keeping things in pristine condition over a long period of time.

Expensive Items

Jewelry, real-silver silverware and other such items are subject to theft. The storage unit can be broken into, or a corrupt facility employee can just walk in using his key. Use a safety deposit box for these items instead, and decrease your chances of theft by using the safest lock you can put on your storage unit.

Hazardous Materials

This includes things like gasoline, fireworks and fire extinguishers. Anything that can ignite, explode or leak is prohibited. Some facilities consider cars and yard equipment to be hazardous due to the gas and oil they may contain, so ask about these machines in advance.

Biological Materials

Animals and plants, whether dead or alive, are generally not allowed. If they’re alive, they won’t be for long in the conditions found in a storage unit; if they’re dead, they’ll rot.


Storage facility operators frown heavily on people using their units as makeshift houses. This is most likely because of a combination of liability issues and zoning restrictions.

Results of Criminal Activity

Bodies, stolen property and other such things are, naturally, prohibited.

In most cases, these rules protect both the renter and the facility from direct damage caused by theft or degradation of the stored items. These are simple, common-sense rules that ensure customers can use their units in comfort and safety.<br />

Guest Post: The Vital Choices for a Commercial Move

A good businessman must possess the necessary qualities to go through a removal of its company from one place to another at least once. As a leader of a company you will be exceptionally lucky if you actually manage to protect your moving company from going through an office removal at all. This however is an unlikely possibility unless you are a superb genius or unless you are happy to continue with the very same pace. Usually successful and ongoing businessmen choose to keep the business at the same place and not go through the trouble to relocate the whole thing with the risk of ruining it. However, for those of you who are bold enough to attempt it and take the chance, you must be aware that you will have to follow several main steps in order to properly complete your business removal.

These most important steps first and foremost begin with choosing the appropriate location for your location. The new location should be able to offer you better business offers and better long-term opportunities for a development of your financial successes and business. After you have chosen a location that comes as close as possible to the one hundred percent success of your business company you need to start looking at the location as a suitable place for your employees. You will conduct a research or a questionnaire in advance in order to find out where do your employees live and then you will be searching appropriately the location.

In fact it is better to begin with searching the most suitable location through those ones that will fulfill the comforts of your removal in the best manner possible. In truth there is no point whatsoever to search for a new location for your move if you fail to bring at least more than half of the employees that were employed at your firm beforehand. In fact even the omission of several ones of them might result in the lowered quality of the functionality of your business especially if we are talking about important high-ranked employees. So, every time that you are doing a business removal you have to make sure that the least thing that will get damaged or in all honesty if you are looking to make the perfect decision not damaged at all is the process of work. There is no point at all to do a removal if this removal in any way will damage your process of work.

Then you will have to take care more individually about the working spaces and the offices of the building. You need to remember that once again you need to contact your employees and every one of them for that matter and understand all of their individual desires and ideas about changing and from there improving the old offices in the face of the new ones. Providing comfortable working space for your people is quite essential because you will be in charge of those people after the removal and this will not only greatly increase their respect for you the improved environment will also successfully manage to boast the working rates and will successfully support the working process and the efficiency of the job getting done.

To sum up you need to take care and participate in the preparation and the work connected with every stage of the business removal-with some stages more efficiently and much more self-indulgently but ultimately you need to make vital touches in each and every one of them throughout the entire process.

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