Mark from Hilo Scores Big in Kailua-Kona

Today I’m writing to let you know about the last big score I witnessed here in Kailua Kona when a guy named Mark drove all the way over from Hilo to attend a local storage auction with only 6 medium sized repossessed storage lockers up on the chopping block. If memory serves, there was only one 10×10 unit and the rest were even smaller, including the 5×5 Mark eventually walked away with.

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Bill’s Big Score

My buddy Bill just returned from a local storage unit auction, where there was a turn-out of about 35 people. He ended up nabbing a big score was recounting some of the details of auction day to me. Unfortunately, this auction was a little on the light side when it came to the units. There were only 4 storage units that were still sufficiently delinquent come auction time Continue reading “Bill’s Big Score”