Guest Post: Gold, Silver & Stolen Goods: Interesting Finds in Storage Units

Sometimes you just don’t know someone until you get a look inside their storage unit. In most instances, people rent them to store extra furniture for an impending move or as a way to declutter their home. There are lots of storage unit businesses across the U.S. Companies such as Uncle Bob’s provides storage units in over 25 states. And with all those units come some strange and interesting stuff.

Here’s a look at some of the most insane and hard to believe items ever found in storage units:

$500,000 Worth of Gold and Silver

According to ABC News, a San Jose man found a gold (and silver) mine after bidding in an auction for an abandoned storage unit. The man apparently spent $1,100 on the unit and found a number of rare coins and a few bars of gold and silver inside a Rubbermaid container.

Stolen Items

Stolen artwork, jewelry, guns, comic books, vintage violins and baseball cards have all been found a time or two in unsuspecting storage units. According to KATU in Portland, Oregon, police found four storage units in eastern Multnomah County full of stolen items. Thankfully, authorities were able to track some of the people down who owned the items, which were rightfully returned.

The LAPD reported that $13 million worth of original oil paintings by Picasso and Monet were found in a Cleveland, Ohio storage unit five years after being reported stolen from a Los Angeles home.

Live Hand Grenade

A Muskegon, Mich. man got much more than he bargained for when he bought the contents of a storage unit — a live hand grenade. The Muskegon Chronicle reported that the man found the grenade inside a handgun case and immediately took it to the local fire department. A bomb squad later disposed of the grenade.


Haven’t considered a storage unit as a final resting place? A family in Florida apparently held their grandmother’s corpse in a rented storage unit for approximately 17 years, according to Tampa Bay Online. The woman’s body had been stored since 1995 and was resting in a blue casket, which was prepared for burial all those years ago.

Aretha Franklin Treasures

Gowns, dresses, handbags, hats and shoes worn by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin were found in an abandoned storage unit in Michigan. According to, matching receipts found in the unit proved the items found were in fact, hers. She allegedly transported her clothing to the storage unit after a house fire.

Michael Jackson Never-Released Tracks

Over 250 original songs by the King of Pop Michael Jackson were found in a storage unit belonging to his father, Joe Jackson. According to the songs were recorded while Michael was between contracts, some of which featured Tina Turner. No record company had legal rights to the songs so they are worth millions of dollars.

Knives, Pictures and Rambling Journal of Madonna Stalker

Robert Dewey Hoskins, who was convicted of stalking Madonna, was captured in Feb. 2012 after escaping a mental hospital in Norwalk, Calif. Hoskins fell behind in his storage unit rent and his possessions were available for all to see. Included in his storage unit was an assortment of knives, a photo of himself shirtless displaying his Madonna tattoo on his stomach, a headless doll and handwritten rantings, according to CBS Los Angeles.

By Peter Hill

Pete is a freelance writer who lives in Virginia.

Guest Post: Storage Companies in London

If you live in the city of London or are planning on moving to the city of London, you may need to make the most of different services, from removal to storage. If you are looking for a storage facility, you will be amazed to see that the choice is almost endless. There are many many companies offering storage facilities that differ in the services that are offered and the prices that are being charged.

If you are finding yourself in a pickle whilst deciding which service is right for you, then this article may help you narrow your choice down. It aims to talk about some of the more common storage companies in London.

There are many self storage facilities in London, meaning that you are in control of your belongings, even though your items are not physically with you. You will be given keys, codes, cards etc. allowing you to access your storage unit at any time you require access. These storage units come in various locations all over London, and can come in many different sizes. This means that if you are a business owner who needs a large space, then this can be accommodated. Alternatively, if you only need a small storage unit, then there are companies who specialise in those too.

Security measures have been put in place by these self storage companies to ensure that your items are kept in a safe environment. This should leave you rest assured with no worries in the back of your mind.

You can also hire storage containers which can be kept outside your home or office, making them very convenient if you are planning on loading the storage container by yourself. It also allows you easier access to your items since you just need to go outside to get into the container rather than having to drive down to the storage unit.

Finally, you could choose to hire a unit in a warehouse, which is a common due to the added security benefits. These units come in many different sizes and allow you to store both personal and commercial items. These might work out a little more expensive than the others, so always make sure that you are not paying too much for a service. You can always ensure that this does not happen by getting more than one quote from different companies

Always make sure that you are as accurate as possible when you give your details to a removal company. They will need to know how many boxes you are going to be putting in storage, what the natures of the items are etc. A small miscalculation can cause an increase in the price, which is definitely what you want to realise when it is too late.

Access self storage also offers services for personal and business uses and also offer short term storage facilities for students. Unlike some of the other companies, they offer loyalty rewards to existing and returning customers, so if you have used them before, you may end up saving some money this time round. They offer secure storage facilities that will meet your needs perfectly.

There are many storage facilities in London and this can make the task of having to choose one a very difficult one. However, one of the best ways of narrowing down your choices is by getting quotes, which will separate the cheaper and more expensive ones Then you can choose the one that offers you the service that best suits your needs and voila – you have found the one!

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Guest Post: Top 7 Storage Tips

Storage and clutter are two diametrically opposed parts of our lives at home. Storage is a real life saver when we need to keep everything organized and out of sight, though as the years roll by we often collect far too much to keep things under control for long. This article will give you some tips on how you can achieve the best results when you need storage:

Using your hall space

This part of your home is one of the most crucial parts of the house which may allow you some storage space. A hall that looks clear will give the impression of a clear and ordered house. You can install a chest of drawers, a hanging rail or any other storage accessory or space, though it should all be easy to access and use.

Put away off-season clothes

Bedrooms are the secondary most important area of your home. Your clothes are most likely to require extra space. As our clothes grow in number we may run out of space. For that reason you need to store your off-season clothes somewhere out of sight, safe and sound until they are needed again, rotating the contents of your closet so you won’t have it stuffed full.

 Minimizing and decluttering

Once every few months or per year you should check the contents of your storage space. Anything you haven’t used for that time you are certain you’ll never use should simply go. You can either donate them or sell them in a yard or garage sale so you can make your household more manageable overall.

 Try to be inventive

You can use a number of objects around your home for storage purposes. Plastic and cardboard boxes, teacups and a number of other common things can be used as containers. You can also extend your reach by purchasing other, alternative storage such as anything found in antique and charity stores. You can find the most amazing things there if you keep looking.

Your bookcase and its contents

Much like the rest of our belongings much of our books are something we will never touch during our lives. A lot of them simply take up space and gather dust, never to be picked up and read. Make sure you take those you know you’ll never use and donate them to your local library, a friend or simply someone you know. Sell them on a yard sale or online and get them out of the way so you can better manage your bookcase.

Prioritise your items by need

Consider which items you’re using most often and make sure they are easy to find and use. Anything else which gets used less often should be stored in a location that is both out of the way and less accessible by comparison.

Use storage companies

An option like that can be very useful if you want to keep some things out of the way and at the same time on hand. Perhaps a relative of yours has moved in and you need to find space for their belongings while they get their bearings? Maybe you are selling a property you own and you don’t have the space required to keep everything that was in it at your current home? Storage companies will offer you affordable solutions to these problems.

Read more tips and advice on SE2 removals and storage, shared by Grace.

Guest Post: Moving Home – Essential Packing Goods for Moving

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. All the organisation and planning that goes into it can cause a real headache. The act of moving home basically involves TWO aspects, packing and moving. Unless you pack your belongings and get them ready for moving, they can’t be loaded, carried or transported to their new home.

Before you even look at packing your belongings you should first consider a few things. How will you pack it? How long will it take to pack? What materials will you use to pack your stuff?  A piano and a glass are both delicate items but obviously their packing needs are different. You wouldn’t wrap a piano inside and out with newspaper, but you may do with a glass. Getting the right packaging materials before a move is very important. Where though can you find the packaging you need for a house move?

The one thing 99% of people require for a move is boxes. It’s very rare you will need one box; as you will need many, many boxes. There are many places to get boxes but paying for them can work out very expensive if you have a lot of items to move. Storage companies, removal firms or online sellers, are great places to get good, strong quality moving boxes.  This however can work out to be expensive but there is the great advantage that these can often be flat packed and used again.  If you can store them they will save you money if you are one of those people who relocate frequently.

There is always a more cost effective option for boxes. People get boxes and packaging delivered every day by post or courier. These then get taken to the local tip or recycling point. This is a good place to find boxes. They may need re-taping but a box is a box. Your local recycling point, appliance shops or stores, restaurant’s, supermarkets, wine shops and even office blocks are good places to go scouring for boxes. Most retailers will be happy to give you their boxes as they have to pay to have them disposed of.

Online sites like Freecycle or Gumtree may be good places to post a free ad for boxes as most people are happy to get rid of them and don’t want the hassle of recycling them. A message on Facebook, or Twitter, may bring in replies of kind folk with boxes.

As mentioned before newspapers are a good moving tool. Wrapping goods, lining boxes or taping around the end of table and chair legs, newspapers can come in very handy. Newspapers are cheap, sometimes get delivered to your door for free and are easily located at recycling centres. Bubble wrap is also valuable when it comes to wrapping delicate’s. Ordering online can get you good bulk bubble wrap discounts, or local removal firms may stock it. Discount stores also sell reasonably priced bubble wrap.

The problem with moving furniture is that most pieces of furniture are often rather large, heavy and easily scratched or damaged. If you are not using a removals company you will need your own coverings and cushioning before and during transit. Bed sheets and old duvets are always helpful in this situation so don’t donate them or throw them away if a move is on the cards. If you have don’t have any on hand, asking friends or family may get you what you need. Charity shops also get a lot of bedding donated and it’s hard to re-sell so it’s always worth asking them.

After boxes, without a doubt the number one piece of essential moving equipment which is most needed is tape. Good quality strong tape will help you with your boxes, bubble and fabric wrapping and newspaper wrapping. You can get great bargains on wrapping tape and other strong tapes online. Pound and discount stores also stock these-it’s always best to get plenty in! Boxes need to be securely taped to ensure safe transit and that your belongings stay in the box, and not on the floor.

If you know you are set to move in the next few months always remember to look out for and keep packaging and boxes as they will be very useful around moving time.


Grace is a housewife and  writer keen on flowers, Italian food and house organizing. You can also enjoy her tips on  Ealing house removals  and suggestions for creating a better home.

Guest Post: The Tools for a Successful Removal

You need to know that when it comes down to material possessions you will be in need of several types of them in order to successfully wrap up your relocation in the very end when it is all done. What you need to take care of is acquiring those materials. You will notice that with them the whole process will feel a lot easier, a lot better and in all likelihood actually those tools are so essentially connected with the process that they are not simply for mere comfort when it comes down to any sort of relocation, they are there as a vital part of the move. These specific tools will assist you greatly and the more you have of them the easier your removal will be.

First of all, when it comes down to the research of information you need to have a computer, a modern, a new one, so that it doesn’t jam all the time and naturally you need access to Internet. Internet is the greatest provider for information in the modern world or more accurately put-flexible information and flexible info is exactly what you need when it comes down to removals because there are many cases and there are many instances in the vast range of possible removal cases and in the Internet you can basically learn about every one of them. Plus, apart for information on the removal process you will also be able to search for essential things like your new home, to find opportunities to stabilize your budget, your financial situation, to find proper routes for the journey on the removal day, to contact proper moving companies and to check their truthfulness and helpfulness online and so forth.

Second of all, when it comes down to packing you will need plenty of tools and materials because it is they that will make the packing not only safe but also perfectly ordered. First of all, you need to get your hands on protective material and these are naturally bubble wrap, packing paper and any possible materials that might replace them. You can probably find those in your home already, if you have previously bought some stuff and you have kept the boxes from them you could not only use the box, but usually there is packing paper with every box of every new thing and there is also bubble wrap inside as well so you might just as well use these if you happen to have enough.

If you don/t you could try get them for free from local stores, just make sure they are in good condition, or you can simply buy them. Then what you need is definitely scissors which will be doing everything a lot more precise and faster and also you will need stickers and markers through which you will manage to label each box appropriately and thus you will make it a whole lot easier for yourself when it comes down to arranging the specific things, loading them, unloading them in the appropriate order and finally when you arrive in your new home to unpack them and arrange them in their right location appropriately.

Furthermore, you will definitely require some nylon material in order to pack your food for the long journey, especially if you will be moving along with the transportation vehicle that is transporting your stuff and especially if you for example are doing a very long-distance international removal.

All in all, the tools that you need in a W6 removal are many and different but all of them are very simple to get and very helpful in the process nonetheless.

Guest Post: The Reasons Why People Consider Self Storage an Advantage

Self storage is not only tantamount to extra expenses; it is also a great advantage for people who have an excessive amount of items that they need to store somewhere as they rarely use them. Furthermore, this type of professional service is a great solution for people who need more space. In homes which are overcrowded with items, it is difficult to move, and it is difficult to find items which are needed; when it comes to tidying up, it is evident homes with a lot of items are really difficult to get back in order, clean etc. To enjoy the benefit of more space, people can reduce the amount of their items by storing those they do not often need in self storage facilities. The space cleared after rarely needed items are taken to self storage is a wonderful advantage, and people who have used this method to enlarge the cleared space in their homes know its worth.

Another consideration in favour of choosing self storage facilities is that by clearing a room of excess items, people can use it for other purposes, for example to provide rooms for children who are coming of age and need private space, where they can study, enjoy themselves with friends, or engage in some hobbies. In some cases people can also rent the rooms cleared and thus earn extra money. Compared to the money to be received from tenants, the cost of renting a storage facility is really low.

Another situation when people have to think about self storage use is when they are to carry out renovations or construction activities. During the renovation activities, it is better to take care of the furniture and other items by storing them in self storage facilities where all items are adequately protected in a safe and appropriate environment. Such type of storage is temporary, but it often becomes necessary for people undergoing renovations and is a great solution.

Depending on their hobbies and pastimes, people own boats, motorbikes, etc. that they only use at weekends for recreation, active sport, to perfect their skills. Such large items need plenty of space to be stored, and they also need to be protected in an adequate manner as they are expensive and prone to damage when exposed to adverse weather conditions. Street parking is not a good solution. Self storage provides the cover as well as the appropriate ambient conditions. Using CR4 storage units for such precious items also means not having to pay such large insurance as the insurance that has to be paid for items which are parked in the street, for example. Renting a storage facility for boats, motorbikes, etc. is a great idea which has its economic benefits, because people do not have to pay for the storage at weekends when they use their boats, motorbikes, etc. and take them out of the storage facility.

The above reasons for choosing self storage facilities are the most common ones that persuade people to take advantage of professional storage in order to gain benefits for their homes.

Guest Post: Why the Idea of Self Storage is Appropriate in Cases of Family Changes

There are some cases when changes in family situations can call for more space to store items, or space to store items to be disposed of in a specific manner. Such cases of changes in family situations involve divorce or the death of a family member. In both cases there are large amounts of belongings need to be fitted to new circumstances, perhaps moved to new homes, and that necessitates a certain period of time. There is no better place to store items that have to be rearranged, sorted out, disposed of etc. in the event of family changes than a professional self storage facility. Even if items are to remain in professional storage for month, the payment for the service does not cost so much, and items are safely left in good conditions until the time comes when people responsible for their distribution etc. are in a position to deal with them.

Especially in cases of divorce, when people separate and have to divide the family belongings, there can be some period needed for the couple to decide how to divide their common property in conformity with their individual needs, living space, etc. Considering storage in a self storage facility is the best approach as people can leave their belongings there and discuss how to divide them without worrying these items will be left somewhere in the open, in the home of either the husband or the wife, etc. Divorces are also related to changes in personal circumstances. People often need to change their jobs or the places where they live after they leave their spouses, and often divorcing leads to downsizing, so a number of people need to sell their family homes and look for smaller ones. Self storage is the solution here as well. People can store their items in a self storage facility until they have sold their large family homes and can start looking for smaller ones.

There is yet another frequent situation of family change. When children come of age, they often want to start a new, independent life in a new location. If they decide to rent rooms or flats, they may leave their household items in their parents’ homes. But if they change their mind soon afterwards and decide to move back to their parents’ homes, they will need these items, and if they have disposed of them before moving away, that will mean extra expenses. Such expenses can be spared if young people planning to start their independent lives store their items in storage facilities in case they decide to give up the idea and move back to live with their parents.

In people’s lives there are often changes in family circumstances, and people may need to dispose of items, as well as start to need such items again. Because throwing away items may mean that later they will have to buy new ones if they need them in the future, self storage, with the low rates for the rental compared to the expenses to be incurred for buying new items, is a great solution that more and more people use.

Grace is an expert writer working on behalf of Balham moving and storage company

Guest Post: Storage Unit Organization Tips

Self storage requires careful preparations and thoughtful planning if you want it done right. If you don’t follow some common sense guidelines, while working on that you risk damage to your belongings. It will also make it significantly difficult to find anything within the unit itself. Dust can also build up in time and you will need to make sure what you have stored there will be easy to clean as well as organized. These tips will help you get things ready as you move forward:

Make a list of all boxes and their contents, an inventory will serve you a great deal when keeping track of your belongings. You should make labels for each individual box, listing what’s inside as well as the estimated value of each item. This will help you when you decide to insure their contents, as companies need a rough estimated value of all items being insured.

Use a limited number of box sizes as this will make stacking easier. All boxes should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of stacking without collapsing.

Box everything and leave nothing out, as this will only make it exposed to the dust and grime bound to build up during storage.

When you’re packing you should make sure each box is properly filled. Gaps and half-empty boxes can easily collapse, so they will need to be properly filled. Avoid putting too many heavy items in a single box as this will make it impossible to carry without breaking. Also, remember to place heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top to avoid collapse.

Don’t place any items in sealed bags made of plastic, such as Ziploc bags. This may sound like a good idea at first, but in reality it will only allow condensation and the forming of mildew.

Use small boxes for books, so they can be more manageable. Lay the books flat in their boxes to protect their spines from wear and tear.

If you’re storing any refrigerators or freezers make sure you leave them inside with their doors slightly ajar. Make sure they are completely dried out and drained to prevent mold and mildew outbreaks.

Bubble wrap any breakables in boxes and seal them well. Alternately you can use packing peanuts or paper. Make sure mirrors, picture frames and other similar objects are wrapped in bubble wrap and that their corners are protected from impacts.

Stack boxes in such a fashion that you won’t struggle with opening them. Place the boxes you access most often in an easy location where you won’t have to move anything out of the way.

Dismantle any furniture which allows that so you can save space. Make sure you don’t lose any bits and pieces, bolts and screws by keeping them in a labeled container.

For any furniture you can’t dismantle you should consider placing boxes within instead. This will save you space as well as adding an extra layer of protection to any items you place inside. That way you will also minimize the moving stress that usually is rather unpleasant.

Tips for Packing and Moving

In today’s busy world if there is a need to relocate it can make you go crazy. People have no idea from where to start and what to do. So, here’s a step by step guide to get things straight.

  • Start with a checklist: First and foremost, make a checklist of things that needs to be moved.
  • Organize: Decide what you want to do with the stuff you do not need. While living in a place a person accumulates many things. With the time some of the things get outdated. You have spent so much on that asset that it becomes very tough for you to dispose off that thing. What can be done in that situation? The answer to this situation is to get a self storage place for you nearby.
  • Hire a removal and storage company: The next important thing is to pick a household removal and storage service which provides you with excellent and professional service. There are many  household removals and storage companies around in the U.K which provide you excellent service in respect to getting your home furniture, the kitchen appliances, your beds and many of fragile items at your place carefully packed and then relocated to your new home. The stuff which you do not want to carry along can be stored at the storage warehouse of the same household removals and Storage Company you are dealing with.
  • Price estimates: For long distance moves, the cost is typically determined by the weight or the size of the items required to be moved and the distance. For local moves, the cost usually depends on the number of hours it takes to move the goods. Some movers offer flat rate services but usually these are overridden by hourly costs. Professional movers usually offer an invoice. The cost of a move usually depends on factors such as the number of hours, distance, and number of items, the size and weight of the items. The storage facility is sometimes auctioned but you can make the arrangements for monthly or annual payment.

 Once you have decided on the four things mentioned above then the things get pretty simplified for you. It’s not just that you can use the service for relocating. You can use these services for the removal of extra things at your office, home or your businessThere are many items in and around which need to be stored outside your facility (home or office), like the big cupboards carrying you old office documents there are many removal and storage companies which offer the storage of your extra stuff. You can try to get the reviews for different companies which deal in removal and storage, you can compare the prices and the quality of services offered.

There are large facilities around which are professionally managed. Usually these storage houses are at outside your town or county.

Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Buying a Storage Unit

By Marty Reardon

There will come a time when we just grow out of our home or apartment, but we cannot just afford to pack up and move to another one. This is where getting a storage unit comes in. It is important to know the pros and cons of getting a storage unit before committing to one.

Pros of a Storage Unit

You can rent the size that you need. For example, if you just have a few items to store, you can choose a unit just big enough for these so that you are not putting out money for space that you will never use. If you need to store more in the future, you can simply talk to management about renting a larger unit.

Your items will be protected from the elements. Instead of storing your stuff in a leaky garage or a damp basement, you will have them in a dry area. Now, if you have temperature-sensitive items, be sure to rent a unit that is temperature controlled so that the unit does not get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It is a good idea to put sensitive items on top of something and not on the floor just in case a flood occurs. Floods generally do not occur in all areas, but you can never be too safe.

Storage units tend to have pretty good security so your stored items will be safe. You can put your own lock on the door and the properties tend to have at least one security guard at the gate and have cameras and lights throughout the property.

You can come and go as you please to pull an item out or put a different item in storage. This is very convenient and will help to ensure that your home is never cluttered or full of items that you are not using at this time.

Cons of a Storage Unit

You will have to do all of the hauling and heavy lifting. For example, if you are storing a bedroom set that includes a bed frame, two dressers, a mattress, a boxspring and two side tables, you will have to load all of this into a truck that you will likely have to rent, drive to the facility and then unload these items by yourself, or find a few friends to help you. This can be exhausting, especially if you are often storing more items or pulling items out of storage.

The storage unit place may not be close to your home. Not all areas will have a nearby storage unit facility so when you are transferring items to and from storage, you may have a decent drive on your hands. Most people who live out in rural areas could have to drive an hour or more to get to their unit. If you do not go there often, this is not a really big deal, but if you are going once a month or more, this is something to consider.

Not all storage units are temperature-controlled. If the facility closest to you does not offer temperature control, you will not be able to store certain items that are temperature-sensitive. So, you will either need to go out and find one that is, such as an indoor storage facility or you will have to find another way to store your items for now.

About the author:  Marty Reardon enjoys reviewing local self storage locations when he’s not blogging or writing for  In his free time he also finds time to be with his friends and family and go to local sporting events.