Self-Storage Unit Rental Tips

One of the more practical solutions for people moving around the world, self-storage will allow you to deal with your belongings in a more organized fashion. Using a service of this kind will allow you to keep them safe, but you would do well to know a few things beforehand. The following tips will give you more information you can use:
Self-Storage Unit Rental Tips
The first thing you should consider is how long you will need your storage for. If the timeframe is limited, then you will not need to worry about it too much. You will likely need a smaller amount of space as well, so you should inform the storage company about it by letting their representatives know so they can find something suitable for your needs. You would also do well to downsize your whole home and what it has before you decide to store things in your brand new storage area. Selling and disposing of these items will let you deal with them and it will require less space in the end. This will in turn make storage cheaper as well, so consider it before you move on.

Next on the list will be the space needed to store your items. If you dealt with the previous step, then you will likely have less to store. Larger spaces may seem like a good choice, but you will end up wasting a lot of space for no reason at all. You should decide the exact size of the storage unit you will need by talking to the storage company representatives and giving them as much information as you can.
Self-Storage Unit Rental Tips2
You will also need to be aware of the reason why you need the space you will be working with. If you plan on storing larger items such as furniture and more, then you will need to be aware of the need to keep them safe from moisture and more. A climate-controlled storage unit will be a good beginning, but you will also need to keep in mind that self-storage will allow you to store even more sensitive items in the right conditions. A mobile or stationary storage solution will get the job done, but in both cases you will need to cover the price for using it.

The use of a mobile storage unit will let you use it near your home when you need it, but the price of using it will still be there and likely close to that of using a normal storage unit. This means you will need to pay attention to it so it will not have anything stolen from it. Traditional storage units are part of a set of facilities that have security covering them with a CCTV camera network and at least a night time guard, so you will compromise security for mobility. Check on both options and see what you can do to make your situation work out.

You should also decide if you want to deal with the packing phase by yourself or to let the storage company do it instead. Storage companies are often linked to moving companies, so they will have professionals who know what they’re doing. Storage companies will also have insurance you can make use of, so consider that before you move forward with your plan.

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Preparing Items for Storage

If you are running out of space in your home and you are met with constant difficulties trying to figure out where to put all of the stuff, perhaps you need to look for storage options. Storage facilities can provide all of the space you need and you wouldn’t have to worry about where to put all of your belongings.
If you want to be truly effective about storage, however, there is a lot you have to consider. This is regarding both the way you store you belongings in your personal storage room, and also the way you prepare your items for storage. To prevent any damage to your stored items, you should follow some suggestions that will make sure they are kept safe. The last thing you want to see the next time you visit the storage facility is any damage to your items. Here is what you should consider in order to avoid this:
Preparing Items for Storage
Boxes and packing materials – you will want to acquire good quality boxes and other packing materials. You will use those for general storing of items that are small enough. When you are planning on leaving things inside for a good number of days, you want to invest in boxes that will last. All respectable storage companies have climate control systems installed, but still it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared with good containers that will not fall apart. A wise idea would be to get boxes of the same size. That way you will be able to arrange them easily and conserve space, which is important in case there are a lot of boxes you need to store.
Label – if you want to truly be efficient in taking stuff out of your storage room and bringing new ones in, you should make certain you label every box and container. This will enable you to easily find what you are looking for and save you a lot of effort when you are searching for something specific. Additionally, you will be able to navigate better in the unit.
Preparing Items for Storage2
Furniture – if you are going to store furniture, there are several things you have to keep in mind. Some pieces are extremely bulky and will take up a lot of storage space. Be creative about this and think of ways to go around the problem. For example, you can fit chairs one over the other, and use the space over and under beds and tables to store boxes. Usually it is best to just disassemble the furniture before putting in storage.
Floor – it is best to keeps items in storage off the floor. Storage units can be cold and dry during certain seasons, especially if there are no climate controlled systems in place. Get the boxes, furniture or whatever it is you are storing off the ground on pallets or protective sheeting.
Valuables – if you are going to store valuable items, such as expensive electronics or other equipment, it is generally a good idea to keep all of that in the far back of the room. It is a simple move that can save you a lot of worries in the unlikely event of unwanted entry in your storage unit.
These outlined suggestions are all aimed at making the storage of your items easier. If you follow all of them, your storage will prove to be much more effective.

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How to Safely Store Electronics

If you want to put items in storage, you should always be mindful of how you prepare them and how you store them. There are always dangers that you should be aware of and do everything you can in order to safely store your belongings. The last thing you want to find is damage beyond repair done to any of your belongings.
This piece of advice holds true for electronic devices, as they are extremely vulnerable. You cannot just place them in a storage unit and expect them to be fine. They contain circuit boards, metals and wiring, all components that are extremely vulnerable to improper storage. Keep this in mind, as some electronic devices are very expensive and you most certainly don’t want to see them damaged. Know how to properly store such devices if you don’t want to see them damaged.

Always store electronics in boxes – you probably already this, as everyone who has ever considered storage knows how important boxes and other containers are. This is true for electronic devices as well. Boxes provide the first layer of protection that electronic devices need in order to function properly after you take them out of the storage room. Acquire boxes that are the right size; it is best if you can use the original boxes you bought them in.
How to Safely Store Electronics
Consider wrapping materials – electronic devices are best stored wrapped in certain materials. That said, acquiring some bubble-wrap and foam padding goes a long way. This is especially true if you store other stuff in your storage room and there is a lot of movement inside as you take stuff out or bring more in. Accidents do happen, and for this reason you should take extra per-cautions by making sure your electronic devices are well protected inside their boxes. Wrapping materials serve two purposes: they protect electronic devices from the environment and from physical harm.
How to Safely Store Electronics2
Silica gel desiccant – this is something you should certainly consider when you want to keep your electronics safe in storage. This is an excellent material for taking care of extra moisture that can harm your devices.

Look for climate control – electronic devices are best stored in room temperature 50-70 degrees F. The best way to assure this is the case is to hire a storage company that utilities climate control systems. That way you will know the temperature inside your storage is perfect and will not cause any harm to your electronics.

Carefully label and position your boxes – electronic devices should always be stored in upright position, never on their side. For this reason be careful as you arrange them in the room. Label them in such way that will indicate there is an electronic device inside and that it should not be turned upside-down.

Store electronics in the back
– this is important in the unlikely event of a storage break-in. Experts all agree that the farther away from the door your valuable items are located, the more protected they are. Additionally, this advice holds value when you regularly visit your storage and move around the entrance a lot.

In order to safely store your electronics, you should consider all of the outlined tips. That way you will know your devices will not suffer from the environment inside the unit and that you will find them working properly when you take them out.

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How Storage can Help for a Removal

A home or business removal is difficult challenge. It is a task that will involve you tackling countless chores just so that the process will go smoothly. It includes weeks of planning and preparation, so that you are ready for everything. You have to purchase an array of packing material to use on your goods and then enfold up your belongings. Carrying boxes and furniture can be dangerous if done incorrectly, leading to injuries, accidents and damages. A top removal vehicle has to be found in advance so everything can safely be transported. All of this can be too much but there is a way that you can make things simpler and that is using self storage.
How Storage can Help for a Removal
Your own storage space can make the move much easier in a number of ways. First off, you can move items to it gradually before the move. This enables you to get things done in advance and prevents all the work being done on the day. You can then unpack things at your own pace, as you leave no essential items in your unit until you need them. You can use this as a way of getting rid of old items and replacing them with new ones at your new address. You may find yourself with less room in your new address and so you can place goods into the storage room that will not fit in your new address.
A quality self storage room will be a simple and flexible way to handle your move. You should have a choice of several types of units from a leading firm so you can get the one prefect for you. You should have free reign to visit and use it as often as you need, so you are never without your goods.
How Storage can Help for a Removal2
It should have the option to include electricity, access ramps, heating, cooling, windows and more. This way you can keep your goods safe and be in the preferred environment.
Before you begin looking for suitable storage services, you should know what to look out for. As Well as the things mentioned in the previous paragraph, security is a priority. The firm who go with must be able to guarantee the security of anything your leave on their site. This will include having security guards at exists and entrances, as well as patrolling the area, cameras, alarms, high fences and more. The storage units themselves should resist strong weather and harsh temperatures so your goods won’t be damaged. The key to the unit should be in your possession so no one else can get inside.
Looking for the prefect firm can begin in a number of ways. Newspapers, websites, search engines, yellow pages, local listing and more can help you find what you are looking for. Read up as much as you can on any given firm and see what they offer. You should also read all reviews, comments and rating you find so that you can ascertain if the company is suitable. Asking friends and acquaintances who have used storage will be useful.
Call up your chosen firms to get a clear look at what they can offer you. They should have self storage units that can be used for your move, are safe and can be accessed whenever you like. Requesting a free quote will enable you to determine quickly if they offer what you want and will help ensure a good price.
A move can be difficult, but consider what mobile storage can do for you and how it can make things simpler.

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Cleaning Up Made Easy with Storage

Cleaning a home is a never-ending task that everyone has to deal with. Keeping our personal space orderly and sanitary is an essential chore and one that will take up countless hours of our time. We have to spend time carefully getting each step done so that every bit of dirt, dust and disorder is gone. Managing mess can be tough if you live in a cluttered home because all the goods have to be clean, they have to be sorted, and they will take up space, making the place look generally messier. If you find yourself overwhelmed with items and want to make your address cleaner then you should consider quality storage solutions.

Cleaning Up Made Easy with StorageA self storage unit is one thing you can use as you need. It will be a secure coffer or room that you can access whenever you like. It will suit all of your size needs so you can fit whatever you like inside. You will have free access to visit it whenever you like and use it as you desire. This means you can always go to it in order to place more items inside, to collect items or whatever. It should be a secure place that will resist harsh winder, rain, ice and snow, as well as keep everything cool, dry and safe. You will have unlimited rental so that it is always there for you and you can leave as little or as much as you like inside.
Cleaning Up Made Easy with Storage2
The self storage room you have access to can help tremendously with your cleaning. The most obvious way is that you can place inside any items you don’t want in your home. Get rid of old and useless items inside your self storage unit and you will free up space in your home, making it look less cluttered. If you ever do need these items, you can collect them so you have a clean home without throwing things away. It can also be used to temporally place good aside while you give you home a through clean or while you decorate it. You can then bring the items back to your clean home.
Using your storage space well will ensure the best results. You should organise everything carefully to ensure you can keep thing safe and retrieve goods easily. Place larger items at the back so that you can guarantee they will fit inside and so that smaller goods can be retrieved easily. Fragile item should be placed in the unit last so you know they won’t be placed under objects. Stack goods carefully so nothing will over and not item will be crushed. Use cabinets, shelving and boxes to keep items arranged and easy to find. Wrapping goods in tarp, bubble wrap and cloth will ensure things stay clean and dry.

You will need a storage facility that has all the features described so far as well as secure storage. The storage facilities responsible for your goods should certify guards, cameras, alarms, high fences, locks and much more so that your goods are never at risk. You can discover if a firm has these security features and more when you call them. Look online and in listing to find local storage providers. Look for reviews, rating and relevant information that will help you determine which firm is best. Contact them and speak at length about their services so you can find the one right for you. A free quote should make hiring them simple and help you get a good deal.
Cleaning up can be tough, but with expert storage services, it can be simple.

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How to choose a self storage facility

How to choose a self storage facility

Hiring a self storage unit to stash away the extra furniture, seasonal clothes and other things that you do not use often but want to keep anyway, is a good way to de-clutter your home and create more space. Storage units are also handy if you need to store your belongings somewhere while you get other things done, such as, when your house is being renovated, or you are moving to another country and haven’t found a home there yet, or you are going on a semester abroad, or you have guests over and need to convert your home office to a temporary guest room on short notice. Whether you have a lot of stuff to put away, or a few boxes, you can avail self storage units of all sizes and shapes to suit your purpose. Some storage facilities will also come with additional services such as climate controlled temperature, weatherproofing and regular maintenance, additional security etc. Here are a few guidelines on how to determine which storage service is suited for your purpose and how to get a good deal from them.
How to choose a self storage facility
1. Do your research
Before renting with a storage company, you need to assess the quality of services they provide. Browsing through their website will give you an idea of the range of storage options available to you and the other services that they can offer. But you should also look at the customer reviews about the company on independent websites before you make a decision. If you are going to leave your belongings under someone else’s care you need to be assured that they will provide consistent security.

2. Judge for yourself
Another good way to reassure yourself about the storage firm you are hiring is to visit the property in person and check out the storage facility and security measures for yourself. The key points to check for is that, irrespective of whether the storage units are outdoors or indoors, they must be enclosed and secured, the door to your unit should have more than just a padlock for security and there should be surveillance cameras located at strategic points in the property. Entry to the premises should be limited and they should have strict policies about who can have authorization to access the property and individual units. Apart from that, the storage facility itself should have the required anti-theft, anti-fire safety measures installed and appropriate procedures to handle any such crisis. The premise should be properly maintained, there should be no signs of dampness or infestation and access ways should be properly lit at all times.
How to choose a self storage facility2
3. Accessibility
Depending on whether you are leaving the items in storage for a long time only to return for them after a fixed period or whether you are likely to access them frequently while it is in storage, the location of the storage facility can affect your choice. It may be feasible to make a trip 2-3 km out of town if you are only going to return to the premises one more time to collect your belongings. However, if you need to visit the facility more often, it would be a good idea to pick one that is near your locality. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the hours within which you can access your unit. Some storage facilities will allow 24 h access while some will only be manned during certain hours. Make sure the hours of operation are reasonable and match your availability.

4. Other charges
Read the contract thoroughly before signing it so that you are aware of any cancellation or reimbursement policies, including insurance and know that you will not be charged additional fees unnecessarily.

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Self storage for your bike

If you are moving to another country and do not know what the street or road traffic is like, it makes little sense to have your transportation shipped overseas. This also applies if you are moving to another place for a short period and if the public transportation is cheap and well linked. While riding on your motorcycle is one of the best experiences in the world that you enjoy, it is not feasible to be travelling this way in all seasons. When the temperature is low and there is ice and snow on the roads, your bike might remain unused for several months on end. The extreme weather might damage the component of your bike as well. So if you ever need to put your bike away in a secure storage, consider renting a self storage unit. Here we will share a few tips to help get your motorcycle ready for storage.

1. Keep the tank full
If you are driving your bike to the storage facility, make sure that before you leave, you fill up the tank to full capacity. Leaving the tank partially empty can lead to formation of condensation over a long period of time. The moisture from this can react with the remaining gas in the tank and lead to a plant-like growths that can clog the carburetor. If your machine allows, add a fuel stabilizing additive to prevent the accumulation of moisture over the fuel.
Self storage for your bike
2. Check oil
Leaving old oil in your bike can cause unforeseen damage to your vehicle as it tends to trap contaminants. This is why you should make sure you change the oil and the filters before you put your bike in storage. Have the other fluids in the motorcycle checked and changed too, if required.

3. Remove the battery
The battery of your bike will slowly degenerate if you leave it out in low temperatures for too long without use. If you are not using a climate controlled storage unit, make sure that you disconnect the battery and remove it to prevent it from dying out. You can take the battery away with you and store it in some place where the temperatures are likely to remain in the warmer ranges.
Self storage for your bike2

4. Treat rust spots
You are putting your bike away and you know there are a few rust spots. You think that since you are not going to be using it for a long time, the damage will not get worse. But contrary to your assumption, the rust will spread and increase its coverage on painted and otherwise protected steel surfaces while your bike stands in storage. To prevent this from happening, you need to address the problem now, before you put the bike away. First you have to remove the rust physically from the metal surface by using grinders, wire brushes or sand paper. You can also remove it chemically by dissolving the rust in phosphoric acid. Once the rust is removed, wipe the residues away and paint it again with a protective coating.

5. Lift the tires
Low temperature will lower the pressure in the tyres as the air molecules slow down. If you leave the bike standing on the wheels, this loss of air pressure and the force of gravity will flatten the tires. So make sure you provide external support to prop up your bike. An appropriate storage solution would be to use a sturdy crate or bike rack to distribute the weight of the bike and relieve the pressure on the tyres. You should do this even if you are using climate controlled storage units.

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The best self storage deal for you

With the number of self storage companies that are advertised online and in print, it is difficult to decide which one to go for. If you are not accustomed to hiring a self storage units, here is a guide to understand which company is offering you a better deal.
The best self storage deal for you2
When you have a lot of things to move out of the home, especially large bulky ones, you will probably have to look for an option other than your car to get it to the self storage rooms. If you are moving a small volume of stuff, you will hire a man with a van but if you have a houseful of stuff to put in storage, you will probably need a bigger truck or lorry. Whatever mode of transport you choose, it is going to cost you money, not to mention that you will have to pay for any delays in traffic, parking costs and other fees. Given that just moving the stuff out of your home will crunch up such a high cost, you will probably try your best to reduce the bill as much as possible. Therefore, it is only natural that the closer the storage facility is to your house, and the easier it is to get to it, the better choice it is when it comes to storage options. It might be tricky for customers to drive around a large storage base, so if your company is spread over a vast expanse of land, make sure you offer an escort or give the appropriate directions and have maps of the layout of the facility at appropriate junctures to guide the customers and their truck loads to the right container.
The best self storage deal for you
When you put your belongings in storage, you want to have the guarantee that your things will be taken care of while they are away from you. This not only means that no one else except authorized personnel will be able to access them, but also that your things will not be damaged because of any sudden movements, pest infestation, humidity or temperature conditions etc. If you are storing valuable, sensitive material, it would be a good idea to go for climate controlled storage units. While they don’t guarantee the maintenance of storage room temperature at a particular degree, they can usually give you a fair idea of the range of temperature and humidity the unit is maintained at. This is very useful if you are storing documents, furniture, clothing etc. for a long period of time. It is also imperative that storage facilities offer high level of security against theft and other kinds of accidental damage. So before you pick a storage service, make sure you know the amount of CCTV coverage the facility has, the fire safety and anti-theft measures taken and the insurance policy that will cover your goods should something unfortunate happen to them.

Whether you are storing for a short period or a long, self storages prices are the primary factor in helping you decide which company you go from. While price is not reflective of the service you receive, it is common sense that a good storage facility will be making investments in providing you the best security and accessibility available. Then again, small firms that are probably just starting off in the business are going to offer cheap rates for similarly good services because they have a reputation and customer base to build. The main factors that dictate the price of renting a self storage unit is the volume of stuff that you need to store and the period you need to store it for. If you are opting for additional services such as added security, climate control etc. then that will also add to the price of the storage box.

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Garage Storage Tips

Your home’s garage can be used to your advantage, especially if you want to avoid having a complete mess around it. You can use a lot of opportunities to turn this space into an excellent storage solution, especially if you want to put away your gardening and home improvement tools and use them in the days ahead, storing them with greater success. The following tips here will give you more information you can use to create the best solutions when it comes to garage storage:

Using garage cabinets
When it comes down to it, garage and kitchen cabinets are not all that different from each other and what works with one will work with the other. You can use kits to create a configuration of garage cabinets that fits your needs individually. Materials used in their making are usually made of plywood and particleboard, but you can also do a lot of good with plastics and metal. Depending on the difference between quality and price range, you will also be able to find ones that are covered with laminate or a melamine layer, as well as high-pressure laminate which makes them excellent at taking on additional weight. Supports used in their construction are usually made for wall mounts to conserve space.
Garage Storage Tips
You will likely use a lot of shelving around your garage, so you would do well to ensure you have the shelving units strong and wide enough to handle the added weight of all items you plan on storing. When you set them up, you have to make sure they have enough points of support so they will not buckle, as well as making sure you know what you will store on them ahead of time if possible. This will allow you to keep things well-organized and safe as far as storage solutions go. The obvious choices for this should be metal, as it will provide the necessary strength to keep your items safe from falling on the floor. You can also install a top rail if you want to allow it to carry some weight, especially if you combine them with wall studs.
Garage Storage Tips2
Slot storage on walls
If you have paid any attention when visiting a store, chances are you’ve noticed how a slot wall looks like. It has a number of wall panels with grooves allowing easy attachment of shelves, hooks and a number of other things when it comes to storage options. This type of modular design allows a lot of freedom, whether the panels are made from MDF, PVC or even metal is up to you, just make sure you know what you will use them for and adapt to that choice if you want to succeed. When all is said and done this will give you the flexibility you need to ensure all your belongings will be kept safe from harm and out of the way for when you need them. Use hooks, shelves and whatever else you need to make it happen.

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How to Store Art

There is no limitation to the variety of things you can store in self storage units. This flexibility in storage is especially useful when you need to store more than just household items, such as vehicles, tools, antiques, art etc. Whether you are a gallery owner, aspiring artist or an artwork connoisseur, when you are putting valuable art pieces in a self storage unit, you want to make sure that the works remain undamaged and as good as new for years to come.

Even if you don’t have a gallery of art work but are simply storing the ones you have, along with the rest of your household belongings, into a self storage room until your home is decorated or you have finished the move, you need to know how to properly store your art so that it is not compromised. Even though storage facilities do have insurance policies for items damaged due to their negligence, you would rather be safe than sorry. So here are some things you can do to prevent damage and ensure that the value of your art increases instead of diminishing.
How to store art
1. Packaging
Before you put the item in storage, dust it and remove any debris that has gathered on the piece. Storing with dust and dirt on it will only worsen the state of the art and may even cause them to form residues over time which can get difficult to remove. After you have brushed and dusted, wrap the piece in a few layers of acid free paper, then in layers of bubble wrap.

Acid free paper is ideal for storing documents and artwork for a long time. Keep the edges and any other protruding part from chipping by protecting them with cardboard. Sheath the entire work in a few layers of cardboard to provide further damage or bending before you put it in the box. If the item is of an irregular shape, you will need to add adequate cushioning, either packing peanuts or old linen or pillows and cushions.

If you are concerned about whether you are packing it right, then you might want to remember and follow the way it was packed in the storage box when it arrived in your possession. This is also a good reason why you should not throw away the boxes in which they came.
How to store art2
2. Climate controlling
In order to preserve art properly, you need to store them at an appropriate range of temperature and humidity. This range is determined by the materials that have been used to create the work, how old it is and other specifications. If you are not aware of this information, you can acquire it from the person or company that is selling you the artwork or hire an expert who can conduct the necessary assessment to give you the appropriate storage temperature.

This is a crucial part of choosing storage units. Before you settle on one storage service, make sure you have a list of the materials which make up your art and what temperature suits them best and discuss with the manager about what options are available to you. While climate controlled storage rooms have a controlled environment, they mostly oscillate within a range and not at a specific temperature.

3. Store upright
When you are storing it in the unit along with other items, you need to make sure it is not accidentally placed in harm’s way. For example, always put the work upright, propped up against the wall so that you do not step on it by mistake and the chances of anything heavy falling and damaging it is lessened.

It is common sense but needs reiterating – do not stack art work unless it is stored in crates. Even in crates, the weight of the additional boxes above can damage the piece underneath, so at all times, be mindful of how much pressure you are putting on any surface of the packing.

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