Storage Wars Bio: Brandi Passante

When Jarrod Schulz shows up to an auction to lay down some cash, Brandi is always there to ensure he’s making good decisions. Helping to run their joint thrift store, Brandi is primarily concerned with minimizing risks on big auction units and making sure that Jarrod doesn’t spend them both to the poor house.

Brandi’s birthday is May 16 and she is thought to be in her mid 30’s. Brandi and Jarrod have two children together and they started a thrift store that they feed with their auction purchases after they began to run out of room in their home to store treasures.

Brandi is sometimes criticized by viewers for being overbearing and keeping Jarrod on a short leash, but she is only trying to make sure that their fledgling business succeeds. It’s unclear whether this dynamic is rooted in reality or intentionally played up for the show to give the characters more depth.

Although Brandi and Jarrod have reportedly been together for 12 years and have children together, they are not actually married. Nevertheless, they have an interesting on-screen relationship and seem to balance one another out well.

Brandi Passante posing for Storage WarsIn being labeled the “Young Guns” of the storage auction buying crew, Storage Wars is indicating that Brandi and Jarrod have the least financial capital of any of the other central buyers.

There are many costs associated with opening and running your own auction-supplied thrift store, which explains some of Brandi’s trepidation regarding Jarrod’s purchases. She keeps close watch on every transaction to make sure they won’t be bankrupted.

Most of the time you could describe Brandi’s demeanor as skeptical and cautious. She tries to tamp down Jarrod’s excitement when it comes to buying units because he can sometimes let his enthusiasm for the unit outpace his self-control and wind up taking a loss.

Case in point, the episode where Jarrod spends $1,700 on a unit because it’s full of vintage toys that are still in their original boxes.

Unfortunately, the toys themselves only end up being worth $300. Brandi is always trying to buy in reference to their thrift store and looking for items she knows they can turn a profit on, such as still boxed electronics.

On the flipside, sometimes Brandi is an overly reserved bidder and can miss out on bigger opportunities because or her lower tolerance for risk. In this way, Brandi and Jarrod balance each other out pretty well. It’s also worth noting that Jarrod doesn’t always take Brandi’s advice, to his own detriment!


Brandi and Jarrod have both expressed the fact that their appearance on Storage Wars has given a slight boost to their thrift store, called “Now and Then” and located in Orange county, California. However, it hasn’t yet blown their sales profits through the roof.

This is alright with Brandi, who says she’s more interested in slow, steady and sustainable growth over time so they can support their family.

Their thrift store is roughly 3,000 square feet and if you visit it when you’re in the area you’ll find all kinds of things for sale, ranging from furniture to electronics with everything in between. Since Brandi and Jarrod both work at the store, they’ve noted that many people come by just to see them and get a chance to talk with Storage War stars.

You can connect with Brandi Passante on Facebook or via twitter.

And yes, for all those of you wondering, there’s every indication that Brandi’s boobs are real…



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