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Welcome to Storage Auctions Kings

Why Storage Auctions? The excitement and promise of auction day. The adrenaline of a bidding war. The opportunity to supplement your income at your own pace. If you’ve never attended storage auctions in your area, you’re missing out on a great way to make money that’s also loads of fun! Thousands of regular people...

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Moving Home? Use This Checklist As A Reference

Moving home is one of the most stressful things we all have to do in life, according to statistics, we move at least 8 times throughout our lifetime. Many of us want this to be as hassle-free as possible, there are things that you can do to help you when making the move. Two Months Before The Move This is where you really need to...

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Top 6 iPhone Apps for When You’re Moving

There are dozens of ways that technology has made our lives easier. From navigating directions to pulling up a restaurant review, there are few areas of our lives that apps haven’t touched. And that goes for moving, too. Give these apps a try on your next big move. Zillow The folks at Zillow know that you’re not just...

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Storage Tips for Outdoorsmen: How to Store Your Guns, Bows & Gear

Some hunters prefer perfecting their turkey calls and hitting that small kill zone when taking down a tom in the spring. Others anxiously await the month of November every year to potentially add their names to the Pope and Young Club record book for tagging that monster whitetail, American Elk or some other species. Regardless of...

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Home Selling 101: How To Do It The Right Way?

If you are planning to put your home up for sale in the next few months, you will want to first work on every part of the building that’s in bad shape since any issues can significantly lower the market price. And it doesn’t really matter what time of year you decide to sell – all you need to do is take a few wise...

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Relocating Your Production Plant: Preparing for Your Big Move

Moving a production plant is not like moving a home. There are some similarities, but in many cases, there are very big differences. If you are moving a production plant, whatever it may be, whether its seafood processes or clothing manufacturing plant, you should make sure you are prepared to take on this task. Here are a few tips...

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Moving Buddies: How to Make New Friends in a New City

Moving to a new city is hard. You’ve made a whole life for yourself, and now have to say goodbye to start making a new one. You have to pack and unpack all of the boxes. You have to find a new grocery store, a new doctor and a new takeout Indian restaurant. And that’s the easy stuff. The really hard part of moving is...

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Indulge in Luxury Anywhere You Go With These Portable Goods

The upkeep of a luxurious life requires some work, as opulence is grandiose in both its demeanor and size. The transportation and storage of luxury goods can be complicated because these items typically take up a substantial amount of space. But if you want to avoid some of these hassles, here is a list of portable items that allow...

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Understanding storage auctions is our specialty. Storage Auction Kings is the web's most thorough resource for storage auction tips and tricks and special insider advice to making money at local storage auctions, written by Zack Proser, an actual self storage property manager. Find out how you can start buying up repossessed storage lockers in your area and start flipping them for profit. Storage Auctions Kings answers readers' questions about storage auctions, lien laws, self storage property management and how to either save your own storage shed from auction or make the maximum profit possible on goods found within repossessed locker sales.

Find out about self storage and auction jobs, the truth behind real storage auctions, which units are valuable and all about the best storage auction scores. You can even use our storage unit auction list coupon code to get premium storage auction listings for your area at the lowest price possible! Read or post on our storage auction expert forums, find out about the most secure storage lockers and locks and all about the best practices for property management. If you're in the mood for a laugh, check out our Storage Drama Queen series, for an inside scoop on the industry's wildest and wackiest storage customers. We accept guest posts from self storage companies!

At Storage Auctions Kings, we've helped hundreds of people hop into the storage auction buying and selling game and start doubling and tripling their extra cash. Storage auctions can provide an unexpected but quite lucrative source of side income, especially when you get your hands on premium storage auction listings and start locking down all the repossessed locker sales in your immediate area.