Storage Wars Bio: Barry Weiss

Knowledgable, often cranky and sometimes downright eccentric, Barry Weiss brings his unique touch of personality to the bidding action of Storage Wars. Barry recalled in an interview that he probably started attending auctions at age 15, so hunting for modern day treasure is clearly a passion of his to last him into his 60’s. Mr. Weiss is an inveterate collector and something of a pack rat, but he says what interests him most are the things he hasn’t yet seen before.

He’s always on the hunt for something exciting, new and different. Barry loves everything from vintage cars to choppers to outlandish clothing. Barry has a flowing humorous patter and the gravely chopped rhythm of his voice draws ample comparison to Jack Nicholson. Capable of losing his temper and nutting off, especially when he overpays for a crappy unit, Barry is described as being friendly and mellow off the set.

Dealing in antiques for this many years, the Storage Wars star has amassed an estimated net worth of $7 million. From watching storage wars, you might not always be able to tell that Barry is sitting on that kind of green, though. He gets plenty testy whenever he bids too aggressively on a storage shed only to find it’s full of junk.

barry weiss showing off his pearly whites and skelton gloves

What about Barry Weiss’s more bizarre auction buying tactics? In early episodes he was noted for bringing a pair of genuine night vision goggles to peer more deeply into units up for sale.

What about the time he consulted a professional psychic in order to determine the likelihood of a big score?

Whether they’re all just for showmanship or simply intended to distract his competitors, Barry’s tactics have definitely earned him the stamp of “that guy”.

This picture shows what Barry’s all about. Despite all the tense bidding wars, he genuinely has fun on set, perhaps more so than any other buyer.

Here, Barry’s seen wearing his trademark skeleton gloves in preparation for some serious unit picking.

In California, Barry has been spotted at Brandi and Jarrod’s Now and Then thrift store meeting fans of Storage Wars and signing autographs.

One thing’s for sure. Barry’s got his own sense of style. Equally comfortable in plaid or skeleton printed sweatshirts, this Storage Wars star isn’t afraid to do his own thing, on or off set. Although Barry doesn’t quite need the money anymore, he does use his influence and deep pockets to search the local storage auction scene for the best collectibles and antiques to add to his inventory.

Get up close and personal with this video of Barry showing off one of his many antique cars. This is uncensored Barry at his finest, and not for the faint of heart: