Winning Big at Hawaii Storage Auctions

Hawaii storage auctions are becoming more and more popular weekend destinations for locals that are looking to cash in on repossessed storage lockers. Recently in Kailua Kona we’ve seen big units full of valuable tools, vacationer’s lockers left on the island and neglected and plenty of forgotten electronics. Locals have been showing up with just a couple extra bucks, ranging from $90 to $300 and walking away with profitable repossessed storage lockers.

Are they becoming Auction Kings? Some are. Some are just turning up out of curiosity and looking for a little excitement and the possibility of a big score. The major difference between a curious public auction passerby and a Storage King is the will and determination to see the entire process through from beginning to end.

Many of the curious first-timers coming to storage auctions to see the lay of the land might have some cash on hand or might not. They might even get into the ring and post up some competing bids, but it’s what they do at the end that makes the difference. The newbies will load up their unit and head home with the goods, but they won’t necessarily have any plan in mind.

Some of the repossessed storage goods will get thrown into the basement and forgotten. Some of them might get polished up and re-used. A little TV, some old board games and some cool posters. These repossessed storage goods can find a new home in the buyer’s unused space, but what truly separates a first-time storage auction buyer from a professional Auction King is a plan.

The true Auction King has a plan for how they’re going to process their newfound storage goods into wealth before they even wake up the morning of the auction. Whether it’s a yard sale or a staged re-selling based off an online auction site like eBay, the professional auction profiteer will exercise self-discipline when it comes to processing their newly won storage auction goods.

The fact of the matter is that once you enter your winning bid, the entirety of your storage unit becomes part of your profit margin. The more of it you can retain and effectively process, the more you will see in pure profits. Even the little items you can’t even think of a general use for can add up in small sales.

Sometimes you won’t start to see an appreciable profit until you’ve collected several different repossessed storage lockers over time. This gives you greater inventory to play with and can help you to generate more effective sales by bundling items together in complimentary lots.

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