Three Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Front Door

The door that we choose to place in the entryway of our abode speaks volumes about the home and the people inside. It’s the first thing that people notice about the home, and it can deliver a lasting impression. Picking the perfect front door is no easy feat with manufacturers churning out multiple designs in a variety of materials. To help you narrow down your choices, these are the three considerations you should make before settling on “the one” for your home.

1. Safety and Security

First and foremost, the front door of you home should serve as a barrier against any potential threats. This means that the door you choose should be sturdy, well designed, and well fitted. Whenever possible, try to find doors that have received “Secured by Design” designation. These products have withstood a variety of tests, which have challenged the doors’ strength, durability, and ability to keep intruders out.

The strongest doors are typically made of one of the following:

Fiberglass or Composite

Solid wood


Each material has its own set of pros and cons. Some may require more maintenance while others may not offer the same level of protection. Fortunately, the renowned window and door gurus at Kloeber are always happy to answer your questions about door security though there are numerous other resources available.

2. Architectural Design and Aesthetic Appeal

For some, having a sky blue front door can work. For most homes, this would be a disaster. First, begin by considering the architectural design of your home. Is it traditional? Whimsical? Is it ultra contemporary and modern? Having a lux wooden door would likely be lovely on a more traditional home, but it can be confusing on a home that has a modern design.

Colour is another important consideration, though fortunately the colour of the door you choose can be changed at will. If you’re completely lost for colour ideas, consider having a complimentary colour palette of your home made by a home decorator, or make your own with the many tools online. This will help you brainstorm the right colour for your front door.

3. The Manufacturer 

The manufacturer that you choose can play a huge role on how satisfied you’ll be with your front door. First, choose one that is reputable and is well known for providing top quality doors. Next, if you’re purchasing an entire entry system, stick with the same manufacturer if at all possible. If all of the components come from the same company, you’ll know that everything will fit together seamlessly and give you the best protection and insulation.

The final consideration is window glazing. While front doors traditionally would be solid, technology has allows for glass to be reinforced through glazing, meaning it’s significantly more difficult to break through. If you’re considering windows in you front door, choose a manufacturer that doesn’t just offer glazing, but that offers double or even triple glazing for superior security.



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