The Best Score I’ve Seen at a Storage Auction

This question comes up pretty frequently: what’s the biggest score you’ve ever seen at a storage sale? It’s difficult to figure exactly which of the scores have been the best – I don’t follow the winners home and ask them how much profit they’ve made after a month. However, the one that always sticks in my mind happened right here in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, when a full-time air conditioning expert came on his day off to buy up a 10×15 unit.

It was the only one that has seemed promising when we were processing the delinquent sheds for auction that month. Whereas the rest were all smaller and mostly full of musty clothes and junk, this one had a safe in it! In addition, there were several expensive electronics, a few home entertainment systems, video games and assorted sealed up boxes. Basically an entire family’s worth of luxury items.

When the winner started claiming his goods, he immediately found two electric specialty power saws that were worth about $200 each. Considering he had just bought the entire unit for $350, he had already made back his money and then some!

I did happen to catch up with him later, when he told me that the ultimate score had come in the form of a small box of jewelry he found inside one of the filing cabinets hanging out in the back of the unit. The total value of the gold rings and bracelets was $1200 and they had sold fast, he told me.

Now, granted this guy had already had a good deal of experience buying up delinquent storage sheds, but he had also been on a nice streak of good luck in the past few weeks, earning, all told, $17K of just profits, even after accounting for all the gas, storage fees, listing and auction fees on eBay, etc.