Take Some of the Stress Out of Moving Into Your New LA Home, Hire Movers

Smooth, simple, stress-free. These aren’t common terms associated with moving house again. Or are they? While it may seem more economical to get a few of your son’s friends together and offer them pizza to help you move your entire house, you could end up paying a lot more than you think. What could go wrong and why should you consider a moving company?

Read Between the Lines

When renting your own moving truck, there are always unexpected fees. Assume you’re moving across town, for example, and need the truck all day to make, say, four trips back-and-forth. While the side of the proposed truck might say “$19.99/daily,” read the small print. That price is the base. Now, take the miles you travel (some places charge up to $0.89/mile) and add that total to the base; add the high cost of fuel and any necessary insurance, and you’ve got yourself a pricey transaction. Not to mention the manual labor you’ll be paying for this moving day.

Consider Your Location

If you live anywhere other than the desert, you need to think about the weather conditions. We in LA don’t get much, but when it rains, it pours in California. This can slow your personal, moving boys down; it can stain your couch and dirty the carpets in both locations, as the guys trample through with wet and dirty shoes. Home moving companies have invested a lot of time and energy to create ways around the wet — and that’s by covering up your carpets and their shoes.

Another consideration when living in a big city like San Francisco, is the time you’re loading, and space that’s available in the street. If moving yourself, where do you plan on loading if there’s not an available parking spot close by? And think about leaving the contents in the truck when you and your helpers are up and down the stairs … let alone, leaving your apartment door open. There are opportunities for disastrous loss by theft. With a moving company, let them worry about details.

The Condition of Your Things

While your son or daughter’s spouse will care if they damage belongings, their friends might not even notice if they accidentally bang your coffee table on the wall when hauling it out of your place. They aren’t going to reimburse you if they accidentally drop a shipping box with glasses inside and shatter them. And they certainly don’t know how to dismantle your pool table and put it back up balanced and ready to go. There are formulas for that, and certain movers know what they are and how to solve them.

Look into specialty movers for items such as pianos, large plasma TVs, pool tables, trees and shrubs, vehicles like classic cars, boats and jet skis. And keep this in mind:

  • Leave it to the professionals. Taking all of these factors into account, you might actually save money hiring a moving company, and with so many out there, you can find the perfect one that fits your needs, especially your budget. However, don’t forget to do your part.
  • Research your options. Check online reviews to be sure they’re in good standing and ask friends if they have any experiences with good companies. Also, be sure to inventory your belongings on the way out and on the way in.

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