Storage Wars: Texas

The Longhorn state is the scene of the latest installment of Storage Wars, and it’s packed full of new cast members, plenty of new units, antiques, collectibles and odd ball miscellany. Walt Cade, a veteran auctioneer with a famous “Caribbean chant” calling style is the new head honcho when it comes to moving units quickly and efficiently.

Walt has been well-known and well-liked in auction and self storage circuits for many years. He brings professionalism, knowledge and a passion for auctions to the show and will provide a steady presence as he oversees the sales of the delinquent units. Walt Cade’s net worth is currently $1.5 million. In addition to his appearances on the program, he also owns his own local auction company.

walt cade on storage wars texas

The Texas cast is drawn from all walks of life and age ranges, just like in the original seasons of Storage Wars. Ricky Smith and Bubba Smith, also known as “The Rangers” are two good old boys that pride themselves on driving all over the state in search of profitable storage lockers up for grabs. They may speak slowly with a Texan twang, but they have combined decades of experience buying up lockers. Ricky has been dealing in auctions since he was a young boy and he’s clearly been doing well for himself. Today, Ricky Smith’s net worth is: $2 million.

ricky and bubba smith outside a storage locker

Another newcomer to the auction buying scene is Victor Rjesnjansky, who relocated to Texas from New York. His call-sign? “The Outsider”, of course. Victor is headstrong, impatient and aggressive and claims to have been in the buying game for over 20 years.

Victor is pegged early on as grating against the Texan lifestyle and can be seen complaining about the food, driving and coffee in Texas. Victor has a strong New York accent and we can only imagine it’s going to get him into trouble with the other cast members. Victor’s current net worth: $1 million.

Victor The Outsider from New York flexes some muscle

Then there’s Lesa Lewis, who is known as “The Boss”. Having recently opened her own thrift store called Again and Again Resale, she is looking to stock her shelves with discounted merchandise that can draw in a loyal client base and keep them coming back so her business can stay afloat.

Assisted by her employee Jerry, Lesa is known to be more emotional than some of her competition. She is seen tearing up when her new store is first opened. In this business it takes a stern exterior to hang with the big boys. How will her sensitivity come into play? If nothing else, her current net worth can console her in even the darkest of moments. Lesa is currently worth: $2.5 million, boosted by successful auctions and retail sales.

Then there’s Moe Frigoff who introduces himself as an antiques aficionado. He has a quirky, humorous and somewhat random style that’s reminiscent of one of the most popular storage auction hunters of all time: Barry Weiss. He runs an antique gallery on the outskirts of Dallas and proudly beams that it’s stuffed with wonderful and strange pieces of furniture, collectibles, toys and old gadgets. Moe weighs in as the big earner here, with a net worth of $4 million.

But the basic formula remains: people get testy in the hot sun after walking around all day and getting outbid on units. These wildly diverse backgrounds and temperaments clash now and again and make for good reality television.

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