Storage Solutions: Save Space & Stay Organized during a Move

Moving is a drag, especially if the moving truck is coming on Saturday and you haven’t started packing by Friday afternoon. But have no fear. The key to a quick and easy move is to get organized and stay that way. Skeptical? Here’s how to do it:

At Home

First, pack a bag of necessities, like a change of clothes, your toiletries and a cellphone charger. Then, head to the store for some moving boxes, but don’t get too many. Grab one for each TV you have as well as some medium sized ones for kitchenware and office supplies. You can also find free boxes at places like Craigslist, grocery stores, U-Haul box exchange and recycling groups.

Try these packing tips:

  • Instead of using cardboard boxes to pack everything, utilize laundry baskets, drawers, suitcases and plastic bins.
  • Use clean clothes and socks as padding in boxes with breakables instead of buying tons of bubble wrap.
  • Keep plastic baggies handy to hold small screws and nails from items you take apart, such as curtain rods. Also, leave out scissors, tape and a Sharpie.
  • To keep them wrinkle and tangle free, hang curtains and blinds in a wardrobe box with clothes. Or consider buying custom draperies when you get to your new place.
  • Pack room by room and group similar sized and shaped items together. You wouldn’t pack a houseplant in a box of books, but DVDs mixed with classic novels will be just fine.
  • Label each box and consider color coding too. Assign a color to each room. It will much easier to unpack.

In the Moving Truck

If you can, convince a few friends to help you with the move. Give them first dibs at the stuff you aren’t going to keep such as old furniture and clothes. Assign one or two people to stay in the truck while others carry each load. They’ll be responsible for stacking it tightly.

Use these moving truck packing tips:

  • Lay a tarp down to protect from dust and grime.
  • Load the largest, heaviest furniture first and stack it in the back and up against the sides of the truck to distribute weight evenly.
  • Try to pack as tightly as possible, like you’re putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Disassemble whatever you can, such as tables and furniture made from participle board.
  • Use plastic wrap and moving pads for breakable items such as TVs, picture frames and mirrors, but try to use blankets, quilts and towels for everything else.
  • Slide mirrors and photo frames between mattresses for extra padding.

In Your New Place

This is where color coding or number labeling comes in handy. Instead of unloading each box in the living room, have helpers drop off items depending on the room they’ll end up in. When you want to unpack and set up your bedroom, everything you need will already be in there. If you don’t know where to start, it’s best to tackle the kitchen first. That way you won’t be living off of cold cereal and fast food for the first three weeks after you move in.

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