Storage Auctions Are Open to the Public!

Many newcomers to the storage auction scene are hesitant at first. How do you get into a storage locker sale? What do you have to do to be eligible? What if I mess it up!? Relax! Storage auctions are open to the public and you do not have to pre-register. You just show up on the given date (preferably at least 10-15 minutes before the sale begins) and all the instructions and rules you need to know should be outlined by either the property manager or the auctioneer before the event begins.

Keep in mind, most self storage companies will have you read and sign off on either a sheet of auction rules, or a bidder registration form, or both. The most important of these is the bidder registration form, because the company or the auctioneer will use it in order to get in touch with you if you’ve won a storage unit or if you had to run across the street to the ATM after a sale. They mostly keep your contact info in case they lose track of you but need to get your payment so they can go home and you can start loading your winnings into your vehicle.

But, in general, storage auctions are simple, easy and pretty much low key. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend them (assuming you haven’t already pissed off the facility’s management to such a degree that they had you barred you from all future auctions). Attending your local self storage facility’s sell-off really isn’t too frightening nor difficult.

Remember, by the time that a storage company hosts an auction that’s open to the public, they’ve already lost plenty of money on their habitually late paying tenants. They don’t really care who shows up so long as they’ve got cash! They want to get the best possible prices for the storage sheds being sold, which means they want to get the most possible bidders onto the property. The more interested bidders you have, on average, the higher the final resting prices for the storage sheds being sold off.

So stop worrying about red tape that doesn’t exist and pop down to your local storage facility the next time they have a sale. It doesn’t matter if you are hell-bent on buying up a locker or if you simply want to see the spectacle and get a feel for the process – it’s ok to come by and observe the auction.