Smart Transition Solutions for the Holidays

Regardless of the size of your home, there never seems to be enough storage and it can be difficult to transition from warm weather months to winter with so much in your way. However, seasonal clothing, furniture, and equipment can be safely and effectively stored for next year’s use by using these savvy storage solution tips.

Summer Clothing

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Creating a fall-friendly closet means putting your summer wardrobe into storage. Begin by removing your summer clothes from your closet and drawers. While shorts and Maxi dresses are generally limited to warm weather, you may want to keep several tank tops for winter layering. Lorene Bartos, Extension Educator of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, recommends laundering all clothes before they’re stored, as any trace of soil or food can attract insects. Store your summer clothing in clean fabric bags and hang them in your closet, or fold them neatly and pile them into stackable air-tight plastic storage containers.

Outdoor Furniture

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Put away your outdoor furniture before it gets too chilly. Outdoor furniture, especially pieces made of plastic, can crack during the harsh winter. Before outdoor furniture can be put away, it must first be thoroughly cleaned to avoid mold and mildew. Use dish soap and warm, soapy water to clean furniture made of wrought iron, wicker, plastic or mesh, and opt for Murphy Oil Soap and water for wood furniture pieces. Wash cushions and decorative pillows, and allow sufficient time for drying, then place them into airtight storage bags and remove air with your vacuum attachment so they take up less space.

Pool Equipment

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Pools require special care at the end of summer to avoid ice from forming in or around the perimeter. Make time to properly protect your pool—after all, it’s one of the more costly investments in your home that require regular care and maintenance. Special inground winter pool covers are available from, and protect your pool from leaves and debris getting in, while inhibiting sunlight, so your pool water remains free of algae during the off-season.

Making Room for the Tree

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if you’re putting up a Christmas tree, you likely have boxes of lights, ornaments and more stored up in your garage. Invest in sturdy hard-plastic stackable tubs for these items, so that you can repurpose them accessories from inside your home when you’re making room for the tree. Fill any leftover tubs with anything that will create clutter, and return the newly-filled tubs to your garage to keep them safely tucked away and out of sight. While you’re in transition mode, take it as an opportunity to set out unused items into a donation pile. Clothes, home decor and gently used appliances are always welcome items at thrift stores, and local charities are always seeking donations, particularly during the holiday season.

By Ginger Welch
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