Six Tips for Preventing a Pest Infestation in the Workplace

Having pests in your workplace can be more than a nuisance. Depending on the pests that you have, they can trigger allergies in employees and cause a rise in absenteeism. In addition, depending on what type of business you have, pests can scare off customers, which can affect your profit margin. To help prevent pests in your workplace, here are six tips you can utilize.

Tip #1 – Keep Busy Areas Clean

Whether you have a food business or private offices, you need to keep busy areas clean. Break rooms, public eating areas and anywhere food crumbs or trash accumulates need to be kept clean. To help with this, either assign cleaning duties to employees or hire a cleaning service to come in every night.

Tip #2 – Properly Store Food

Whether you have an office party or sell food to the public, cover food and put it away in either a cabinet or refrigerator. In addition, wipe up all of the crumbs on the tables and floor and throw them away. Pests are looking for food, and if you make it accessible to them, they will stay and end up breeding near their food source.

Tip #3 – Cover Your Garbage

Use trash bins with lids in break-rooms or other areas where there is food. An open trash bin is a great food source for bugs and other creatures. Covering the garbage will help deter them and they will have to find another food source.

Tip #4 – Tighten Up Your Building

To keep pests on the outside, seal any cracks, crevices and small spaces where insects, rodents and other pests could crawl into your building. Caulk around water pipes or utilities that enter the building. Also, if there is a water leak, have a repairman fix it. Bugs will gravitate to the water source so they can get a drink and find ways to enter the building.

Tip #5 – Keep Gutters Clean

Make sure there is no debris in your gutters, especially leaves or other organic materials where pests will end up nesting. Install water diverters to help keep water away from the building. Where there is water, there will be pests.

Tip #6 – Inspect the Property

Have professional pest control Brisbane inspect your property for the presence of insects and rodents. They can identify any pest problems you may have, recommend solutions and safely treat your building. Schedule them to come in and treat your building on a regular basis to help keep pests away.

These tips will help you control and prevent pest infestations in the workplace and help you provide a clean, safe environment for your employees and/or customers. These tips are also easy to do and they only take a few moments of time.

Controlling a pest problem is easier to do then trying to stamp out an infestation and it is less expensive as well. Keeping pests away helps to provide a healthier workplace for everyone in the building.

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