Self storage for your bike

If you are moving to another country and do not know what the street or road traffic is like, it makes little sense to have your transportation shipped overseas. This also applies if you are moving to another place for a short period and if the public transportation is cheap and well linked. While riding on your motorcycle is one of the best experiences in the world that you enjoy, it is not feasible to be travelling this way in all seasons. When the temperature is low and there is ice and snow on the roads, your bike might remain unused for several months on end. The extreme weather might damage the component of your bike as well. So if you ever need to put your bike away in a secure storage, consider renting a self storage unit. Here we will share a few tips to help get your motorcycle ready for storage.

1. Keep the tank full
If you are driving your bike to the storage facility, make sure that before you leave, you fill up the tank to full capacity. Leaving the tank partially empty can lead to formation of condensation over a long period of time. The moisture from this can react with the remaining gas in the tank and lead to a plant-like growths that can clog the carburetor. If your machine allows, add a fuel stabilizing additive to prevent the accumulation of moisture over the fuel.
Self storage for your bike
2. Check oil
Leaving old oil in your bike can cause unforeseen damage to your vehicle as it tends to trap contaminants. This is why you should make sure you change the oil and the filters before you put your bike in storage. Have the other fluids in the motorcycle checked and changed too, if required.

3. Remove the battery
The battery of your bike will slowly degenerate if you leave it out in low temperatures for too long without use. If you are not using a climate controlled storage unit, make sure that you disconnect the battery and remove it to prevent it from dying out. You can take the battery away with you and store it in some place where the temperatures are likely to remain in the warmer ranges.
Self storage for your bike2

4. Treat rust spots
You are putting your bike away and you know there are a few rust spots. You think that since you are not going to be using it for a long time, the damage will not get worse. But contrary to your assumption, the rust will spread and increase its coverage on painted and otherwise protected steel surfaces while your bike stands in storage. To prevent this from happening, you need to address the problem now, before you put the bike away. First you have to remove the rust physically from the metal surface by using grinders, wire brushes or sand paper. You can also remove it chemically by dissolving the rust in phosphoric acid. Once the rust is removed, wipe the residues away and paint it again with a protective coating.

5. Lift the tires
Low temperature will lower the pressure in the tyres as the air molecules slow down. If you leave the bike standing on the wheels, this loss of air pressure and the force of gravity will flatten the tires. So make sure you provide external support to prop up your bike. An appropriate storage solution would be to use a sturdy crate or bike rack to distribute the weight of the bike and relieve the pressure on the tyres. You should do this even if you are using climate controlled storage units.

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