Self-storage – a must have for students

Students are constantly on the move, and very rarely stay in one place for too long, whether it’s in halls of residence or shared accommodation with fellow students and friends! This is why students nearly always lease self-storage units, so they can keep their belongings safe while they are in between a move, or going home at the end of term. Graduates often also choose to hire self-storage facilities while they search for new accommodation and realise there’s no room for their belongings at their parents’ house! It is for this reason that we’ve compiled a few guidelines to help students when leasing storage space.
Self-storage – a must have for students
Before storing your possessions you’ll need to pack them up and since you’re sorting through all your belongings, this could be the perfect time to rid yourself of old books you no longer need or clothes you wouldn’t be seen dead in again! If you’re torn between chucking something out and keeping it, throw it out! It’s likely you won’t want it in the long run and by donating to charities you could really be helping somebody else – not to mention saving yourself on storage prices!

If you’re going to use packing boxes (which is advisable) make sure the boxes are sturdy and won’t buckle under the weight of books, clothes and shoes! Purchase some heavy-duty brown packing tape and really tape those boxes up tightly! Pack your boxes by evenly distributing weight and fill those boxes to capacity, buy make sure they aren’t bulging or too heavy to lift! Remember to label all your boxes so you know what you’re looking for in your Clapham storage room.
Self-storage – a must have for students2
Now once you’ve packed everything up, you can then have a rough idea of how much storage space you’ll require. Self-storage units come in all sizes, but remember the less you want to store, the less self-storage will set you back! There is also the idea of pooling your items together with friends and sharing a self-storage unit. This could save you some money!

As a student you may not have your own form of transport so why not consider leasing a mobile self-storage unit! This is an absolutely perfect storage solution for those without cars! A self-storage unit will be brought directly to your location, where you can pack it with your boxes and once you’re done, it will then be driven to the storage facility! However if you have a driving license you might want to hire a van and do the transporting yourself and lugging of boxes with the help of friends!

There are various storage options out there, and it’s important to keep your belongings in secure storage so they are not damaged. If you are a student in need of somewhere to store your musical instruments, then it might be worth checking out the storage prices of climate controlled storage facilities! The even temperatures will keep your instruments safe from any damage by humidity or even mildew!

As a student you may very well be entitled to a discount off your self-storage unit, so be sure to enquire before signing a lease agreement. Many storage companies offer students the option of leasing self-storage units on a weekly basis, which is ideal if you only want to store your belongings until term begins again.

There are so many benefits to student self-storage, as it saves you lugging your entire belongings home for the holidays. Choosing a secure storage space near your university or campus will really offer you convenience and give you peace of mind. Many companies near universities offer great deals when it comes to student storage options!

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