Purchasing Your First Home: Tips and Resources for Making the Move

Your first home purchase is stressful not just because you are signing away potentially 30 years of your life to paying on a loan, but because there’s a lot of work involved to make this move safe, secure, and successful. Find the home of your dreams, purchase it, and then plan to make your move using these tools.

Establish and Maintain a Household Budget

An essential first step prior to a move is to establish a household budget that identifies key expenses, savings goals, and home improvement projects. Doing this now ensures you make payments on time, keep debt under control, and have savings put aside to ensure you can continue to pay your mortgage over the long term. To make budgeting easier, use a site such as Mint.com that provides all-in-one bill management, budgeting, and financial tools to boost credit.

Keep Financial Information Secure

During a move, your personal information is at risk. This risk is heightened because you are applying for loans and updating financial information for each of your credit cards, personal loans, and investment accounts. The investment in LifeLock can be an ideal way to minimize this risk. It allows you to combat identity theft by putting measures in place that prevent unwanted invasions or use of your personal, financial information.

Moving Is Best Done By Professionals

In the U.S. 35.9 million people moved between 2012 and 2013, reports Census.gov. There are many reasons for moving including employment, family needs, and housing availability. The best way to minimize the stress and worry of moving is to hire a professional organization to do the heavy lifting for you. These tips can help you select the right company for the job:

  • Schedule your move during the “off-peak” season of September through April, if possible, to get moving services for less expense and more flexible pickup and delivery times, reports the American Moving & Storage Association.
  • Choose an AMSA member company to handle your move for you, rather than doing it yourself, since this ensures you are working with professionals screened by the association. This includes Better Business Bureau and state and federal background checks. These operators must maintain an honest business and adhere to the code of ethics for the association as well.
  • For interstate moves, ensure the company’s USDOT number indicates the company holds an appropriate license. Ensure the company’s license indicates they can move you between states and is not a state-only license.

Managing and Maintaining Your Home

Once you’ve moved in, don’t let down your guard. Keep up with household chores and maintenance tasks to ensure your home maintains its value and it continues to be a safe, secure environment. For those who enjoy software tools, HomeZada is the ideal investment. With it, you can automate the home maintenance schedule to ensure you continuously are on top of necessary chores and tasks. Not only can this help you keep your home in good shape, but it can help you track investments for tax write-offs later, boost your home’s value, and aid in minimizing replacement costs.

Being a homeowner is a new experience, but with the right tools and resources, you can easily manage the entire process in an efficient, safe, and even affordable manner.

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