Packing Your Heater Away After Wintertime

Storing Your Gas and Electric Heaters during Summer

As the weather warms up and the snow melts away, it will be time to retire your heating units for the year. If you own a restaurant, cafe or bar with an outdoor area, you may have several devices which need to be stored until the temperatures drop again. Here is some good advice that will help you pack everything up in a manner that keeps your heaters in excellent condition despite not being used for several months in a row.

Dismantle Your Unit

The first step will be to prepare your heater for storage. We would never recommend keeping everything assembled though as the unit will be inactive for many months. This can put unwanted strain on the interiors and exteriors and result in damage of the casing, heating elements and more.

Fortunately, the best quality heating models can be easily disassembled by simply unscrewing or detaching the various parts. In this way, you can make them much more compact so you won’t have to waste too much space in your storage unit. Just make sure to attach all parts together so you have everything in place to rebuild your heater once the weather gets colder again later on.

Find a Decent Storage Facility

You will also need to choose where you store these devices for the summertime. Rather than waste space at your restaurant or cafe, why not choose a locally based storage facility instead? This can be useful if you have a number of outdoor gas and electric heaters to put away during the warmer months. Just remember that the facility you choose will have to satisfy these qualities to take care of your commercial heating units:

Cleaned regularly

Free from pests

Climate controlled

Constant security

Compare the different storage firms in your area and find out which ones will best take care of your heaters while you wait for the weather to eventually cool down.

Pack Everything Securely

Lastly, you’ll have to make sure that you prepare everything for months in storage. This means you will have to protect your heaters from the following dangers and inconveniences:

Dust build up on the heat elements

Colour fading through sun exposure

Rust because of water damage

A suitable choice in storage facility will help here as will protecting your heaters with the right materials. For instance, we recommend wrapping everything up in plastic to protect from dust. We also suggest covering your disassembled units with a cloth or tarp to ensure that any light, water, etc. doesn’t end up damaging them. Be prepared and you will take care of these essential devices throughout the summer months.

By following this advice, you will then ensure that you can retrieve your heaters next winter and remain confident that they will still work as before. In this way, you won’t have to waste valuable finances on repairs or replacements. You can simply set everything up as required and then welcome your customers into a warm setting despite the colder temperatures outside.

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