Mobile storage versus self storage

When you think of a traditional storage facility, the first thing you think of is the typical self storage firm. Mobile storage, a less hassle option has still much to do to catch up with the popularity of self storage facilities but it is doing well to establish itself in the industry. What mobile self storage firms do differently is that they will deliver the unit directly to you. This means that you only have to load your items in the container once, at your doorstep and then unload it once only, when you have the items delivered to you post-storage. After you have finished loading the unit, the company will take it from your driveway and put it in secure storage until you need it again. Obviously, this service is better than traditional storage for the customer since the storage units are delivered to your doorstep and you don’t have to carry your stuff to the facility and load and unload it several times.
Mobile storage versus self storage
With mobile storage, going about arranging a self storage unit is very easy. You choose a size according to the volume of stuff you need to be stored; there are estimation tools available online or someone from the company can help you guess a size. Once you have done that, the company will have a portable storage unit delivered to the address you want. You can keep it there for as long as it takes you to load it, then when you are ready, call the company again and they will send a trailer to pick it up and take it to the storage space in their warehouse, where it will be stored securely for you. This will save you a lot of time, effort and money than when you had to hire trucks and trailers and move the stuff yourself out of your home and into the storage unit in one day.
Mobile storage versus self storage2
Going for mobile storage is also an economically wise decision, since you save a lot on extra transport costs. The drivers of the trailers that deliver and pick up the units are removals expert and can advise you on how to pack the unit efficiently so that all your things can fit in. They might occasionally even help you get that one or two bulky items in the container. When it comes to accessing your property while in storage, there is no difference between what either kind of storage service allows. The accessibility timings are dependent on company policies, but they mostly keep normal operational hours. Although, some firms might require you to give prior notice so that they can have your unit transported to the access bay.

However, there are certain limitations to hiring this service. In order to have a storage unit delivered to your address, you must have a driveway or lawn where you can place it until you are done packing the unit. This is not a feasible option for someone who is living in an apartment. If you don’t have much to load then it could be possible to arrange for the company to collect the unit the same day, as they deliver, but you still have to arrange to have it parked somewhere for a few hours at least. Getting permits from councils for placing these containers on the side walk can be a bit of a hassle. Some mobile storage facilities might not offer you options in size, which means that you might end up paying for space that you won’t use or overstuff the small unit they send you. This is why you have to ensure whether it would make sense to hire one big unit or two smaller ones. Also, weather and traffic crisis might affect the availability of the service as well.

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