How to Use the Storage Auctions Expert Forums

We’ve set up the storage auctions expert forums so that everyone will have one convenient place to drop by with their auction related questions. Even if you just want to generally discuss topics pertaining to storage auctions, or the latest episodes of Storage Wars and your favorite characters, the Storage Auctions Kings Forums are your community based one-stop-shop for everything auction time. Heck, you can even ask around to see if someone in your area wants to share a ride into the next big local auction in your area!

Meanwhile, we want the Storage Auctions Kings Forums to be the kind of place where you can hang out and have your questions answered by other people interested in making money at local storage auctions. Even if you just want to pop in and hear about other people’s experiences and whether or not they’ve had any success making profits off the repossessed storage lockers they’ve bought. Find out the good and the bad in order to get the inside scoop.

In these storage auction expert forums you’ll actually find auction hunting gurus and first-timers alike. People from all over and of all professions are drawn to the exciting hobby of attending local storage auctions because they enjoy the uncertainty and thrill of the hunt. You never know what might be lying in the back of that dusty dank storage locker, but there’s only one way to find out. Lay out your cash and load up your truck!

Speaking of loading up your truck, another major reason we started the Storage Auctions Kings Expert Forums was to help newbie and pro storage auction hunters to share tips and tricks – such as bringing a rental truck! Many newbies show up with cash in pocket to bid on large storage units only to win and realize – they have no way to get all their new junk out of the facility!

Just by perusing the forums for a little while you can end up with great tips such as bringing a rental truck to any auction that you are serious about laying money out for. The best way to learn in this business is from other people’s mistakes – it’s a lot cheaper and faster than making them all on your own!

Finally, we want the Storage Auctions Kings Expert Forums to be a community based place where everyone feels comfortable to ask and answer questions to the best of their ability and experience. That’s why we’ll never tolerate abusive language, hateful discourse, or rude behavior of any kind. Everyone is welcome to share, chat and discuss. Simple as that.

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