How to find your optimum self-storage facility

Self-storage is growing in popularity across the UK, which is why we’ve compiled a list of tips and hints to help you select the right storage facility to meet all your needs! Regardless of whether you’re confined by a budget, or you need a storage unit that’s close to your home or office, these notions will surely help those of you embarking on the idea of self-storage for the first time!

When hiring storage facilities you need to make sure the storage services you want are catered for. Firstly consider convenience. While self-storage units offer customers the ideal opportunity to de-clutter their home or office and even act as a stop-gap when relocating, make sure the secure storage is located close by, as you don’t want to be driving for miles every time you need to access an item! This brings me to my next point… flexibility! Enquire with the company about opening times and when you can access your possessions in storage. If you run a business you want to have more regular access to your self-storage room and don’t want to be left in the lurch if you can only gain access at weekends or during the evenings!
How to find your optimum self-storage facility
When you ring up a storage company make sure you are given a written quote on the cost of using self-storage facilities. You don’t want to be presented with any hidden or surprise costs once you’ve hired that much needed storage space. Once you’ve received the full self-storage prices, then you can do the maths and calculate what is affordable to you. Also don’t settle for the first house removals and storage company you speak to. Ring around to hear quotes for the use of storage facilities in your area!
How to find your optimum self-storage facility2
There are so many rogue companies out there, trying to earn a fast buck and perhaps leave you high and dry! So make sure the storage company you hire is reputable in every sense of the word. Remember these are your valuables we’re talking about, so you’ll want to be sure of secure storage and a reliable service!

Before even leasing a storage unit, calculate how much space you will actually need. The prices of self-storage units vary, depending on the size, so you won’t want to pay for storage facilities you don’t require! However it’s important to remember that if you will need regular access to your belongings in storage, to lease a storage room or unit that is large enough to have a corridor between rows of your belongings.

It is also a good idea to check out the storage unit before committing to it. Look out for whether or not is in good condition and sealed as well as clean and tidy. Secure storage is probably customers’ prime concern when storing their valuables and possessions outside of their home or office. Consider the storage facilities’ security. Is there a security fence, CCTV and round the clock security? If yes, then you’ve probably nothing to worry about and all your belongings should be more than safe!

To find that perfect self-storage solution why not have a look online. Remember that anyone can set up a website so make sure to call the company and visit their storage facilities. Another good way to find a reputable company is via word-of-mouth. If you know of anyone who’s used self-storage space recently why not ask them if they’re satisfied with the service. You don’t really want to learn via trial and error when it comes to self-storage rooms!


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