How to Bid on the Auction Hunters eBay Listings

Find the Auction Hunters eBay Items

As the popularity of this special reality show increases, more and more viewers want to know how they can find the auction hunters listings on the online marketplace eBay. Because Ton and Allen showcase their best finds in each episode, it’s no surprise that plenty of fans stream online after each show to try and grab their piece of the action and buy up the very same items that the hunters recover during the storage auctions.

Getting to the Auction Hunters listings via eBay

Once every so often Ton and Allen and friends will post up an item to their eBay page, the proceeds of which will go to charity. In order to see the item currently being offered, you can try this link right here:

Unfortunately, searching for either spike_tv, the general user name of the channel, and spike tv_ah (which I assume specifies auction hunters) does not neatly return the results on eBay. Today, for example, clicking that link will take you to a black leather jacket that the auction hunters are auctioning off currently.

Alternatively, you can visit or bookmark: to get a quick trip to the overall store listing, which, as of right now, is none too populated.

Interesting that they don’t put up everything at once in an easy to find store, as I imagine it would be very profitable. What do you think? Have you seen anything appear on the auction hunters eBay page that you also saw on an episode?