Guest Post: Top Packing Tips!

When you start out on a move, you should make a decisive packing plan. You will find that packing is a marathon, not a sprint, an that the issues that are associated with packing will usually be based around those associated with fatigue and boredom! For this reason, having a clever plan so that you do not do more packing than is necessary is essential. You should have a clear idea as to what order you should pack things in, as otherwise there is the chance that you may miss something out, and end up having to repack certain boxes.

There is also the potential that you pack something up that is needed by someone in the household. This can cause serious issues in that things need to be unpacked and resorted all over again, which is a massive hassle and a huge waste of everyone’s time. If you are Clever with your packing strategy, then there is no reason to do more than an hour or so of packing every day for a few weeks, and this will ensure that you get things done right the first time round, and don;t waste any time or effort.

In an ideal world, you will have started planning as soon as you got the dates set in stone. Getting a packing plan together essentially means that you need to order the items in the house by how often they are used. So, you will likely be packing up things in garages or the attic before that which is in the house. You will also find that you can reduce the amount of stress involved by simply letting everyone else in the house know what you will be packing each day as well. Have family members pack up their own rooms, so that you are not completely responsible for getting everything done.

When you are packing, ensure that you have all of the materials at hand. If you run out of things, then it is a massive hassle to go to the shops or to order some more, so you are most likely to write that day off in the plan. This can cause issues later down the line, as you will no doubt get a pile up of packing hours causing problems. If you are organized from the off, then there is nothing that should realistically go wrong.

When packing, ensure that you are protecting everything as securely as possible. You will find that the items within boxes get moved around quite a lot when being handled, no matter how carefully they are treated. In some ways, your packing ability is the final barrier between your more delicate items and destruction, as you never know if the van might make a fast turn that knocks a box over! Bubble wrap may seem tempting, but it takes up a lot of room within your boxes, so sometimes it is best to opt for a few layers of newspaper, with extra bunched in to fill up gaps.

Ensure that you tape up your boxes carefully, so that nothing is going to fall open it an inopportune moment, and mark the room that the box is meant to go to. Do not just put down where it came from, as you may want to move your books from the living room, to the new bedroom. Have a think about where you want everything, and label it thus. Put signs on the doors of all of the rooms in the new house, and ensure that the movers know where each box is going.

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