Guest Post: Proper Storage of Furniture Between Moves

Moving house, renovating and purchasing new property – all of these scenarios could potentially call for renting storage space for anywhere from a few days to several months. Indeed, storage can be a critical aspect of moving house, especially if the move requires that you jump through some logistical hoops in the process.

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There are several reasons that a person might choose to place their possessions in storage in the course of moving. The following are among the most common:

Cleaning up property before selling it
In order to sell off an existing property, homeowners need to do some extensive cleaning and organising, and this can result in furniture and accessories that temporarily have nowhere to be. Many homeowners in transition are not able to commit to their new place until they have finalised the sale on their existing place, and this makes storage an essential consideration. They can pull the non-essentials out of the house and place them in storage until you’re ready to move them into their new place.  At the same time, this allows them to make the old place look less cluttered and more appealing to prospective buyers.

Shopping ahead of a move
When a move is on the horizon, you may find that you have more time for shopping ahead of the move than you anticipate having afterward. When it actually comes time to move, you are going to have a lot on your plate, and shopping for furniture is not going to be a top priority. When you know a move is pending, you can spread your shopping out over a few weeks or months leading up to the big day. Each item that you purchase can be forwarded to your storage facility until you are actually ready to put it into action at your new place.

Moving into a smaller space
Downsizing is another scenario that calls for storage space. Moving from a larger space to a smaller one is bound to leave you with more furniture than you have space to arrange, and the only way to deal with this in the short-term is by taking out a storage facility and asking your home and office removalists to take a portion of your boxes and belongings there. This is obviously not a permanent solution, but putting your extra belongings into a facility gives you a chance to find a buyer, organise the extras or otherwise sort out how you would like to handle the extra furniture.

Before You Store
Before you commit to storage space for extra furniture and other belongings, it’s a good idea to take inventory to ensure that storage is the right move. Sometimes, we can get caught up in the sentimentality of certain belongings, and this leads to hoarding. In some cases, the best thing you can do is to start throwing things away.

That’s why it is important to keep your guard up when it comes to sentimental packing. To that end, consider the following tips for safeguarding against unnecessary sentimentality:

  • Consider which furnishings in your house that you would save if the house caught on fire. Anything that is not at the very top of your priority list may be a candidate for disposal or donation rather than storage.
  • Think about how long it is going to be before you use that article of furniture again, and consider the cost of storing it for that amount of time. Would you pay that much for this item if you were buying it new? If not, maybe you’d be better off buying new furniture when the time comes.
  • Do what makes you happy. If that article of furniture brings a smile to your face, and you would like to keep it around for the long-haul, then do not hesitate to put it into storage for the time being.
  • Put an item into storage because it still has a purpose to serve in the future. Sentimentality is – in essence – the act of ascribing value to an item despite the fact that it does not serve any real function or purpose. If an item serves a real purpose in your house, don’t hesitate to put it into storage for the short term.


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Madeline Varley is a writer for Quick and Easy Removals, a removal company established in 2007. They provide quality services with their teams of professional home and office removalists.


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