Guest Post: Less Obvious Ways to Approach Solo Moving House

It often seems like moving house is much too large of a task to handle on your own, and that would be mostly correct. if you live on your own however, and do not have friends or family who are in a position to help you out, then what to do? Well, your removals company will of course be a great source of help, as well as being there to ensure that you are well set to get the move done in an efficient way.

However, the services that you may need from them, like packing and storage, can be rather expensive to get them to do, so how do you work out ways in which to ensure that you can get everything done, without the work load breaking your back!? It seems unlikely, but there are certain methods and ways of looking at the processes at hand that will ensure that you are well set to get your move underway without the stress of being a one man band!

For a start, pretty much every single problem solver needs time to get it all right. You will no doubt want to leave some of the more boring tasks until the last minute, simply because you would prefer not have to deal with them right away. This is the worst attitude you can take with a move, as things take a lot of time if you are doing on your own. Another aspect of the time issue, is that if you give yourself a lot of time, the looming deadline that the removal day is, will lose it’s potency.

You should find, that the idea of getting your house packed up in a month will actually seem pretty easy, but if you have to do it in two weeks, then it is likely to seem like an unbeatable challenge. So, as soon as you know when you will be moving, get started on drawing up a plan of action, which will reduce the amount of work that you have to do in your mind by setting everything out very clearly. It will not actually make the work any less, but at least there is no fear of the unknown.

With this plan, you can split the jobs up in to much more manageable sections, given that you now know how much there is to do. You can designate a couple of hours each evening after work to pack things, and if you do that every day for a month or so, then you should be able to get it all done fairly easily. Doing the packing in smaller periods will ensure that you don’t lose your mind with the boredom of it all every time you try to get something sorted, which will ensure that your packing is effective at all times.

The planning and dividing rule is likely the biggest stress buster when it comes to removals, but it does still mean that you are doing things in the normal way, just more efficiently. Look in to other avenues of removal process to see if you can save money or time. You may be able to find an independent packer who is cheaper than your removals company, or get boxes and tape from those who don;t need them anymore for much less than retail, or even free! before you buy anything new, have a look online to see if it can be had for less, but make sure that you are not compromising the move in doing this!

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