Guest Post: How to Pick the Right Self-Storage Unit

So you have packed up all your items and are ready to move them into self-storage, but packing items up correctly is only the first step in the process. Finding the right unit for your situation may not be easy, but if you follow the below advice then it may not be as difficult as it originally seems.

Long-term or Short-term

Before looking at any storage units in person, ask yourself if you plan on utilising self-storage for a long or short period of time. The reason for this is because it is far easier to negotiate a better per month price if you commit to a long-term rental agreement with a facility. Obviously, this would be for nothing if you only have the short-term in mind, but it does bear thinking about should you have long-term on the mind and don’t wish to keep a rolling agreement in place.


The days of the one-size-fits-all storage unit options are thankfully behind us, as they now come in all shapes, sizes and forms. But, that in itself can make finding the right unit tricky, as the last thing you need is a unit that is either too large or too small for your possessions. Take a full inventory before moving items in storage and get a rough estimate of the space you will need. Look at lockers that are of a similar size, yet still offer you a small amount of room for manoeuvre. The biggest trap that many renters fall into, is that they end up paying for space that the simply don’t need, do not let that happen to you.

Security and Insurance

A self-storage unit is practically worthless if the facility it is housed within can’t keep your items protected and secure. It means the facility you end up choosing should place security at the top of its list of priorities. Every facility will have a different approach to on-site security, but they should also have an approach to insurance options. Some offer insurance, others do not, so speak with the facility manager to discuss how they go about protecting your possessions. If you feel that their coverage is lacking, you are free to take matters into your own hands by acquiring third party coverage for your unit.

Access Times

What use is a storage unit, if you can’t actually access it when you need to. It is a common misconception that all storage facilities operate under a 24/7, round the clock access philosophy. While some do, many operate under set hours. If you are someone who needs access to your unit at night, it doesn’t make sense in signing up to a facility that only allows daytime access. Before renting a unit, think about when you will need to access it, and if the facility in question can’t match up to this it may be worth taking your business elsewhere.

Make the Right Choice

The field of self-storage can be tough to navigate, largely because of the large array of unit options available to you. However, this difficulty should never be construed for impossibility, as it is possible to find that perfect unit with a little due diligence. Next time you need self-storage, whether it be for personal or business reasons, make size, security and access priorities and work down from there. This guide has looked at what you need to consider when evaluating storage unit options. But remember, when it comes to self-storage units, you should only ever pay for what you need and features you will utilise.


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