Guest Post: Five Tips to Streamline Your Next Move

You’re aiming to make the next step up, and plans include looking to move to a busier city, get a better job and a bigger life. Securing housing and work commitments in the new location may be the tough part for some, but others find that the physical moving can be the most difficult part of the whole process.

The nerves and stress associated with household moves can be unnerving. But you can streamline your move by planning ahead, tackling each step of the moving process in small bites and acting decisively to either keep items or rid of them. In doing so, you’ll save time money and aggravation in the process.

The Huffington Post gives some insights on ways to de-stress and streamline your move. We’ve added a few of our own below.

1. Prepare and Plan

Make a three-pronged plan. Make a to-do list for 60 days ahead of a move, another for 30 days ahead and the third list for one week in advance. Around the 60-day mark, you may have to give notice from your current accommodations, or try to sell your house before you move. Brainstorm everything you’ll need to do around those dates. By having a big calendar in front of your eyes with due dates, your move will become more of a task list than an overwhelming mountain to climb. Think one step at a time.

2. Buy Gently used Packing Boxes

Don’t buy new moving boxes. Busy city areas always have people coming and going in moves, and many of them offer their moving boxes on various websites for cheap. Don’t forget the power of Craigslist as well. You can usually save a few hundred dollars on moving materials by doing some searching.

3. Pack Non-Essentials First

Clear out a room in your home or apartment to use as a storage area for packed boxes. Once you have this, then start packing non-essential items. For instance, if you’re moving in winter, you won’t need summer grilling tools, so pack those away first. Vice-versa for winter apparel. If it’s summer, pack those jackets, hats and gloves. You won’t miss them over the next 60 days.

4. Use Your Technology

As your deadline nears, avoid time-consuming phone calls for research and information on your new destination. Use the technology on cell phones to speed up your information needs. View Google Maps in your new city for essential needs in your new neighborhood. Apply for a new state drivers license on your phone. Check out driving routes for your new job. Use your technology as much as you can to reduce task time.

5. Clean Everything

It’s often better to clean everything prior to packing. Instead of dragging out your dusty items out of boxes in your new clean place, take time now to scrape off buildup, wipe down knick-knacks, and spray and carefully wrap glass items. When your items are delivered to your new place, you’ll feel better about pulling them out and setting up home quickly.

Tara Gold
Tara homeschools her three children from their home in the country. She loves to garden and blog in her free time.

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