Guest Post: Advance Shopping and Delivery of Your Christmas Gifts

Christmas is approaching fast, so if you haven’t yet started your Christmas shopping you’d better get a move on because you’re running out of time to get your family and friends’ gifts delivered in time.

The Christmas rush is something we should all be used to – British consumers are expected to spend £4 billion in shops over the days leading up to Christmas – so why is it that most of us leave Christmas shopping and delivery arrangements to the last minute each and every year?

Whatever the reasons for being somewhat tardy with gift shopping and making arrangements to have those gifts delivered, here are a few tips for next Christmas, though if you act quickly you might be able to successfully apply them to your gift shopping and delivery efforts this year.

Get started early

Sure, this is advice that’s easy to give and often difficult to follow oneself; however, there are actually quite a few opportunities presented to you to get your Christmas shopping done with plenty of time to spare, like the Black Friday sale which is held annually within the week following Thanksgiving Day in the US. This sale, which is being extended this year (2013), represents an excellent opportunity to get your Christmas gift shopping out of the way with plenty of time to make delivery arrangements.

Make private delivery arrangements

If you’ve left posting Christmas gifts until the last minute in the past you’ll be well aware of how packed the local post office gets, which should provide you with somewhat of an idea how difficult it can be for postal service to get the gifts you send family and friends to their doors in time for Christmas. If you have the opportunity to send them with plenty of time to spare before Christmas arrives this wouldn’t pose a problem; however, many of us simply lack the time or never get around to it.

Making private delivery arrangements is therefore generally a better option. You’ll find that there are a number of private delivery and shipping companies, like Pallet2Ship pallet delivery for example, that you can make arrangements with; moreover you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised as to how affordable they are. In fact, many of these companies can offer you more competitive rates than the government postal service.

In addition to a cost effective service, private delivery and shipping companies can also provide you with a means to send gifts that would otherwise prove difficult to send due to being oversized or because the recipient resides in a remote area. Traditionally oversized packages and deliveries to remote areas were incredibly expensive, and therefore worth replacing with a cheque in the mail, though nowadays it’s increasingly feasible and cost effective to send the gifts you know the recipients will love, regardless of their size or destination.

Shop online

It seems so simple – it’s as if it was staring us in the face all along. Perhaps the easiest way to get your Christmas gift shopping out of the way and delivered to the recipients’ doors is to do your Christmas shopping online and have the retailer take care of the delivery. This is one of the many advantages to shopping online and makes life infinitely easier for yourself at what’s often a very stressful time of the year, after all, there’s usually far more to do over the weeks leading up to Christmas than buy gifts, wrap them and have them delivered.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas by getting your Christmas shopping out of the way, and delivered, with plenty of time to spare.


Author Bio:

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Pallet2Ship pallet delivery, a leading provider of freight forwarding services from the UK to locations across the globe. A company aiming to help clients reduce costs and boost productivity.


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