Don’t Let the Bad Weather Ruin Your Move – Tips to Keep Yourself and Your Belongings Safe

There is nothing worse than poor weather conditions, especially when you are planning on moving your home. This process becomes even more difficult if you’re relocating to a much farther distance and the weather becomes progressively more extreme. 

Forbes Magazine recently reported that the accident rate increases under two conditions – during bad weather and during the evening hours. Packing up your house and relocating can easily occur during these conditions, putting not only you at risk, but also your belongings. To mitigate damage to your items and harm to yourself, there are always a number of precautions that you can and should take.

Constantly Monitor the Weather

Packing and relocating takes up a lot of time, effort, and energy. However, dedicating some of that time and energy into monitoring the weather during the moving process can truly save your life and your belongings. With resources like the United States Department of Commerce and The Weather Network you can accurately monitor the weather conditions.

Monitoring weather conditions will help you estimate when the safest times are to get on the road and when it is best to wait. As a rule of thumb, you’ll especially want to stray away from driving with your belongings and family when the road is wet and icy, as those are the most dangerous conditions.

Water Proof Moving

There are two ways that you can relocate – move everything yourself, or utilize a professional service. Out of these two options, professional services are the safer bet, as professionals are fully aware and experienced with moving your belongings during nearly any weather condition. In addition to this, Man and His Van suggests choosing a moving company that utilizes watertight trucks. These trucks are designed to keep your items, dry, safe, and packed well so that they are not affected by water damage that can occur during poor weather conditions.

Prepare Your Car for Winter Conditions

Driving with your belongings during the moving process in bad weather is one thing, but doing so with a car that is in poor condition too is a recipe for disaster. When you move, you want to ensure that everything goes as smoothly and trouble free as possible that you and your items are safe.

One consideration that you absolutely must make is to check your car before you embark on your moving journey. The AA recommends checking your coolant, lights, windscreen, door seals, tires, and car battery. In addition, when you place your belongings in your car, make sure to wrap them with bubble wrap and cover your seats with either towels or a large blanket so they do not ruin the upholstery.

Keep Healthy with Heat

Finally, your moving process can be weighed down by many things, one of which is the winter chills. Getting sick when on a big move can delay the process, leave you with little energy to pack, and even prevent you from unpacking after your items arrive in your new home.

Therefore, make sure to keep healthy by taking cold medicine, drinking a lot of vitamin C to boost your immune system, and dressing warmly. These tips are bound to keep you healthy, happy, productive, and protected.

The moving process doesn’t need to be difficult and damaging to you and your belongings when you are moving in winter. By monitoring the weather, waterproofing your items, preparing your car for the winter, and keeping yourself healthy you can ensure that the moving process moves along like it should in a safe and easy manner.


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