A Winter Storage Solution for Everything in Your Backyard

The Siberian Express, 2015’s version of the Polar Vortex, is taking over parts of the United States and record-breaking low temperatures are being recorded from coast to coast. If you skipped winterizing your yard last fall, it’s not too late to pack up your warm weather accessories and store all of it safely. Use these tips to protect and store your stuff:

Pack Up the Grill

Grilling season may be over, but if you want to fire up the grill without a hitch next spring, there are some important care tips you should follow.

After you’ve given your grill a good cleaning, The Family Handyman recommends coating the metal grill parts with cooking oil to repel moisture and prevent rust. After you’ve applied a coating, wrap the burner unit in a plastic bag to keep insects from nesting in the gas tubes.

For outdoor grill storage, keep the propane tank off but connected, and wrap the grill with a protective covering. If the grill is stored indoors, leave the tank outside in an upright position away from furnace and dryer vents. Even a small gas leak can cause a large explosion if the tank is stored in a confined place like a shed or garage. Once the propane tank has been disconnected, you can safely wheel your grill into the garage or your backyard storage shed.

Store the Pool Accessories

Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to properly winterize and cover your pool, consider storing your pool accessories in one place by using portable and durable storage containers. PoolCenter.com not only offers fun pool accessories, the online pool parts and accessories retailer sells poolside storage solutions that make packing up toys and games easy.

Stash the Sports Equipment

Warm weather gear can’t be left out in the cold. Avoid rusting, warping and cracking by storing gear in a safe, moisture-free area. Warm weather sports gear like kayaks and bicycles must be stored properly to avoid damage.

Smart Start Kayaking recommends storing the vessel in an upright position on its stern during the offseason. This position limits the amount of stress on different parts of the kayak, and many plastic kayaks can warp or bend if they’re stored differently. Other kayak storage solutions include tilt racks, sling and hoist systems or mounts that can be adhered to garage or shed walls.

When you’re putting you bicycle up for storage in the wintertime you must first make sure that every part of the bike is in working order. About Sports recommends inflating the tires, wiping down and inspecting the frame, lubricating the cables and cleaning the chain, wiping down the saddle and handgrips and inspecting the wheels and brake pads before storing. Taking care of your cycle in the offseason will make it much more enjoyable to bring it back out and go for a ride in the spring. REI offers multiple bike storage options like hinges, hooks, wall mounts and ceiling storage racks that can work in garages, spare rooms or storage units.

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