Standard Mini Storage Security Features

When it comes to maintaining a safe and secure mini storage site, where customers can feel confident that nothing will befall their valuables, there are several security measures which are now considered to be industry standards. For example, a mini storage facility that has no surveillance cameras whatsoever will probably get more than a few sideways glances from prospective tenants who are told there is no eye-in-the-sky watching over everything. Of course, a lack of surveillance cameras could be made up for with a resident manager. A resident manager is a feature of many self storage facilities across the country; it means that the property manager actually lives on-site in a specially designed apartment that is oftentimes attached to the office.

Self Storage Security Systems Help to Keep Watch

Security cameras and a property manager that lives on-site both speak to the importance of keeping an eye on things that happen on the property – generally speaking either cameras or a resident manager can do the job, but it’s far more effective to have both in place at the same time. In fact, when a property manager is explaining the basics to new tenants, they will usually respond to questions regarding rental rates and why they are so high by pointing out that these special features, such as security systems and the on-site manager are factored into the cost.

The Mute Doormen of the Mini Storage Security World

The next major self storage security system that comes into play on most every facility is the front gate. Some facilities are so large that they have multiple entry gates. Some only have one. In general, this is the first and most effective line of defense against would be intruders and individuals of malicious intent. Today, many self storage facilities employ highly advanced gate systems that are linked up with tenant access management systems. For example, you may see a keypad next to an entry gate that each tenant must code into when approaching the property. These electronically managed coded access systems accomplish several different security goals at once. For one thing, they will only admit current tenants who have real business on the property. Someone just walking in off the street would not be able to bypass the gate.

Who Goes There?

Secondly, these advanced gate systems capture tenant movement information and automatically build a detailed access log for the entire property and can store the information daily. This means that if a property manager ever needed to know who was in a certain area at a given time on a given day, in order to solve some mystery regarding a damaged aspect of the property or an altercation between two tenants, they can simply look up the gate access log electronically and be given a detailed read-out of everyone coming on and off the property, what section they were admitted to and how long they spent there. These tenant access logs, used in association with the security camera systems, are highly effective ways of monitoring activity on a mini storage property and together they form the basic make-up of a solid self storage security system.

Advanced Self Storage Security Systems

There are yet additionally advanced security features now emerging in the exciting world of self storage security. While not yet implemented in the majority of mini storage facilities, these specialized security measures represent the cutting edge of an industry that must forever stay one step ahead of the folks that would rip people off if they could.

One of the most effective advanced security measures is an individual unit alarm system that is integrated with the electronic coded access gate system. For example, when a current tenant codes into the entry gate, the system will recognize them and commence the gate opening sequence. Meanwhile, the adjunct unit alarm system will send a signal to that tenants unit (or all of their units if they rent more than one) which disarms their alarm. However, the alarms on everyone else’s units on the property will stay active! This ensures that a tenant can only access their own units without tripping an alarm. This advanced security system accomplishes a goal that was once elusive to frustrated property managers: sometimes a seemingly well mannered tenant would rent a small and inexpensive unit on the property just to gain access to the property, so that they could break into unattended units and steal everything inside! Individual unit alarm systems, used in conjunction with the gate access management systems, will effectively red flag a tenant who goes on property and tampers with anyone else’s unit.

Another fun advanced security feature now in use at some mini storage facilities actually works in conjunction with these individual unit alarms. When a person’s unit alarm is triggered by an unauthorized tenant, the system will automatically send an SMS text message to the rightful owner’s cell phone, allowing them to respond either by calling the property to ask the manager what’s going on, or by coming down to their unit to check the situation out for themselves.

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