Storage Wars Victor Rjesnjansky Bio

Known as “The Outsider” amongst the Storage Wars Texas cast, Victor Rjesnjansky is a New Yorker out of water in Texas. During the season’s pilot, Victor is seen hurtling down the road in his car, complaining that you can’t get a decent cup of coffee or any meat that doesn’t have mesquite on it in Texas.

How much of this is played up for the sake of the show and how much of it is really Victor himself? We can’t know for sure. Victor and his anti-Texan sentiments are certainly at odds with some of the lifelong residents of the state that he’s bidding against. Ricky and Bubba Smith, for example, are proudly Texan and drive all over their state in search of good buys, and even early on in the season we begin to see antagonism between them and Victor.

A&E TV is known to throw X-factors and odd elements into their reality shows in order to make for more entertaining television. We’ve certainly got that in Victor. Impatient, quick to anger and constantly getting involved in little squabbles over units, he’s interesting to watch to say the least.

And it doesn’t stop there. Victor is famous for referring to his competition in Texas as “yokels” or “rednecks”. He’s certainly cutting a dashing stereotype for himself, with his mafia-style clothing, flashy BMW and impatience with locals.

victor from storage wars texas shooting a gunOne of Victor’s favorite sleazy moves is to “drop a unit” on one of his competitors. This means that he will bid up a unit that he’s not personally interested in just to increase the cash outlay of his competition. Dave Hester from the original seasons of Storage Wars was also a big fan of this technique.

While it’s certainly possible for this to backfire if the person trying to drop the unit on someone else ends up bidding just one too many times, when it does work it can be a good shock to the person that gets stuck with the higher bill.

So what is Victor’s personal stake in the world of storage auctions? He operates two retail stores in Texas with a partner and his total net worth is currently estimated at $1 million from sales, TV appearances, real estate sales and miscellaneous storage auction findings.

When he’s not trying to drop units on rednecks, Victor enjoys spending his winnings on motorcycles, boats and luxury goods. He’s certainly enjoying the fruits of his efforts and making the lifestyle look appealing to those of us who are still waiting for our big break.



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