Storage Wars Texas Bio: Morris Prigoff

Morris is one kooky character. Stepping out of his antique car in sneakers so brightly colored they can be blinding, Morris is anything but your typical “old man”. In addition to running a successful antique and collectibles store known as “The River Regency Modern”, Morris is a practicing podiatric surgeon!

Being the owner of two successful businesses has certainly lined Morris’s pockets, which explains why he has the greatest net worth of any of the bidders on the Texas chapter of Storage Wars. At an estimated total value of $4 million, it’s easy to understand why Morris spends so much time smiling.

Known as “The Doc” on the show, Prigoff may be able to bring his sunny disposition to each episode because he doesn’t have as much on the line as Lesa who is trying to supply a new retail store with goods. Morris also brings a refreshing presence to the show because he doesn’t engage in the petty interpersonal sniping that often dominated the first seasons of Storage Wars.

Moe likes to focus on the bidding and the units as opposed to getting wrapped up in mind games with the other contenders. Whereas Victor loves to try to trick the “yokels” around him at every turn, Moe is focused on trying to find quality art he can collect and display in his gallery. However, he’s not above dropping a unit on Victor now and again to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Moe looks stumped by a giant unit full of boxes

One of the other advantages Moe has as the wealthiest buyer on the show is the ability to spend more money on units and take bigger risks or muscle up the price when he wants a given locker badly enough. Other buyers like Ricky and Bubba have to be a bit more careful with the cash they throw around.

However, Moe’s not just ready to accept any unit that comes his way. He’s looking for very specific categories of items. Anything retro, antique, old, collectible or possibly original is certain to get on his radar. So how did the Mad Doctor of Texas storage auctions get his start? It was a natural outgrowth of his activities in the antiques sector.

Today, Moe’s store has wacky, wild and strangely beautiful pieces of furniture for sale, ranging in price from $500 to well over $3,000 per piece. If you’re in the mood for something retro, otherworldly or just downright different, you should check out his River Regency Modern website to see current pieces or to purchase them online.

Moe’s got everything from dresser drawers to funky love seats and ottomans and you can peruse his stock through his site or stop in to visit the store locally if you’re in the Dallas area.

So what does Moe do when he’s not whipping up one of his wacky outfits or driving a different collectible car each day? Moe’s laundry list of extracurricular activities is so long it’s amazing he gets anything done at all.

In addition to filming episodes for Storage Wars Texas and overseeing his shop operations with the help of an assistant, Moe is still practicing foot surgeon. Having built up his experience working in a veteran’s hospital, Moe now has his own practice and is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association to perform various heel and foot surgeries.

Certainly a man of various interests! Moe Prigoff adds a welcome note of good humor and individuality to the  cast of Storage Wars Texas.

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