The best self storage deal for you

With the number of self storage companies that are advertised online and in print, it is difficult to decide which one to go for. If you are not accustomed to hiring a self storage units, here is a guide to understand which company is offering you a better deal.
The best self storage deal for you2
When you have a lot of things to move out of the home, especially large bulky ones, you will probably have to look for an option other than your car to get it to the self storage rooms. If you are moving a small volume of stuff, you will hire a man with a van but if you have a houseful of stuff to put in storage, you will probably need a bigger truck or lorry. Whatever mode of transport you choose, it is going to cost you money, not to mention that you will have to pay for any delays in traffic, parking costs and other fees. Given that just moving the stuff out of your home will crunch up such a high cost, you will probably try your best to reduce the bill as much as possible. Therefore, it is only natural that the closer the storage facility is to your house, and the easier it is to get to it, the better choice it is when it comes to storage options. It might be tricky for customers to drive around a large storage base, so if your company is spread over a vast expanse of land, make sure you offer an escort or give the appropriate directions and have maps of the layout of the facility at appropriate junctures to guide the customers and their truck loads to the right container.
The best self storage deal for you
When you put your belongings in storage, you want to have the guarantee that your things will be taken care of while they are away from you. This not only means that no one else except authorized personnel will be able to access them, but also that your things will not be damaged because of any sudden movements, pest infestation, humidity or temperature conditions etc. If you are storing valuable, sensitive material, it would be a good idea to go for climate controlled storage units. While they don’t guarantee the maintenance of storage room temperature at a particular degree, they can usually give you a fair idea of the range of temperature and humidity the unit is maintained at. This is very useful if you are storing documents, furniture, clothing etc. for a long period of time. It is also imperative that storage facilities offer high level of security against theft and other kinds of accidental damage. So before you pick a storage service, make sure you know the amount of CCTV coverage the facility has, the fire safety and anti-theft measures taken and the insurance policy that will cover your goods should something unfortunate happen to them.

Whether you are storing for a short period or a long, self storages prices are the primary factor in helping you decide which company you go from. While price is not reflective of the service you receive, it is common sense that a good storage facility will be making investments in providing you the best security and accessibility available. Then again, small firms that are probably just starting off in the business are going to offer cheap rates for similarly good services because they have a reputation and customer base to build. The main factors that dictate the price of renting a self storage unit is the volume of stuff that you need to store and the period you need to store it for. If you are opting for additional services such as added security, climate control etc. then that will also add to the price of the storage box.

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