Removals and Storage – A Quick Guide to Self-Storage

There are a vast amount of self-storage companies who are competing for business at the moment. But how does a person decide which is the best one for them? Here are some tips to help a customer decide.

Self-Storage –What is it?
Many people will use storage facilities for a number of reasons. When a business is moving premises, it may use a self- storage facility to store some of its furniture or belongings which, for size or other reasons, cannot be moved into the new premises. A new home owner may use storage facilities as their new home may not be big enough to store all of their belongings.

Research The Net
Most kentishtown storage companies will have a website, showcasing their products and their prices, along with reviews left by their customers. However, there are also independent self-storage websites, who will be able to review a company’s self-storage facilities without prejudice. It is best to have a look at both the company’s website and an independent website regarding self-storage before making a final decision.

Pick Up The Phone
Once a decision has been made, a customer can ring up the storage facility, asking for a quote. At this point, there isn’t any obligation for a customer to take up the offer.The representative of the company will explain the storage space available and the price for the storage, based on the size of the unit.

Accepting The Offer
Once the phone call is over, it will be up to the customer. They can contact more self- storage facilities, looking for a more attractive quote. However, if the customer is happy with the quote that has been given, they can call back the self-storage facility in question and accept their offer.

Usually, the self-storage facility will want a down payment in order to hold the unit for the customer. Once this has been done, the customer will be advised to come to the storage facility, in order that they can see the unit for themselves.

Seeing The Unit
It’s always best to come to the storage facility and check the unit space, in order to see whether the unit space is large enough to fit all of the customer’s belongings. In the event that the space is too small, the representative of the self-storage company may offer a larger unit instead.

Other Useful Information
When a customer decides to use a self-storage company’s facilities, it is usually for a short period of time. The minimum period of time permitted by most storage companies is four weeks. After that, the contract will continue to roll on each month until the customer decides to move out of the unit. The customer will be given a set of keys to the unit, which will give them access to the unit.

Some self-storage facilities will allow customers to use their unit during work hours, whereas others offer twenty four hour access to their unit. Most self-storage companies will advise the customer to take out some form of insurance, usually for a small fee. This will insure the customer against any loss of their possessions due to theft or fire. Space permitting, there is no limit as to how many possessions that a customer can store in their unit.

Moving out of the unit
Most self-storage facilities will want a notice in writing that a customer is wishing to move out of the unit. The notice can be done in the form of a letter or by email.


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